Engagement photos - tips and ideas for your shoot


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In addition to the wedding shoot, an engagement shoot is becoming increasingly popular. Many couples want to capture this shared moment in pictures in the run-up to their wedding and share it with friends and family. We'll show you what to watch out for.

At the engagement shoot you not only get professional pictures that put you in the spotlight as a couple, it also brings numerous other advantages. So you can use beautiful engagement pictures to design stylish invitation cards. You can use it as a test run for the wedding shoot and test the effect of posture and make-up.

The shoot also offers the opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer in detail. Many wedding photographers offer an "engagement shoot" in combination with a wedding shoot. If you have a favorite photographer, you can simply ask him about a combination package. We'll tell you what to look out for when creating the photos and have ideas ready for your personal engagement shoot.

Find the right location

The big advantage of the engagement shoot compared to the wedding shoot is that you are much more free in choosing the location . You are not tied to any schedule and can choose the location according to your preferences. For example, when you get engaged, you can have pictures taken at the place where you met or where you feel at home. Maybe you will even decide on an elopement and secretly travel to your dream destination? Back at home, you can use the engagement photos you took there to convey the good news to friends and family. The professional images also look good on save-the-date cards and as a decoration for the wedding.

The most important thing when choosing the location is that you feel comfortable here. You can be inspired by spectacular landscapes. Often enough for a magical atmosphere that can be found in the engagement pictures, but also a place with which something connects you as a couple. Perhaps you are united by a love of literature and you shoot fairytale pictures in the library? Or do you enjoy going to the cinema together and the engagement shoot is all about the world of film stars? All of this can serve as a source of inspiration.


Find inspiration for the engagement shoot in nature

One of the most popular places for photo shoots is the forest. It not only offers varied lighting conditions and structures. The trees also stand for solidarity and continuity - exactly the right symbol for the promise to walk the path of life together.

Ripe fields and blooming meadows in their rich colors offer the perfect background for a beautiful engagement shoot in summer. In addition, you can enjoy a casual, intimate atmosphere here, in which natural photos are easily created. Boho-style pictures , made in the midst of glowing wheat or lavender fields at the golden hour, are particularly trendy at the moment. Fields and meadows also offer the ideal location for funny engagement pictures.

For many people, water has a special magic that is wonderfully suitable for engagement photos. A motif that can be integrated is, for example, water droplets as part of detailed photos such as the ring. In addition, reflections create an impressive effect, as does the couple looking together over the water into the horizon. It doesn't always have to be the sandy beach . A local river or a lake with reeds swaying in the wind also offer a magical background for romantic pictures for engagement.

Wild expanses or gentle beaches?

If you want to take pictures of the engagement and combine them with a good time for two, you can also travel for this. Anyone who decides on a destination in Europe can simply have the photographer flown in. If you want to take engagement pictures in metropolises like Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Rome etc., flight tickets are often not expensive. Maybe you are lucky and your photographer has even planned a trip there. Another option is to look for a photographer locally.

Breathtaking landscapes are a beautiful motif for this special moment. Everything that speaks to you together, takes up shared memories, hobbies or wishes is possible. Even extremes, such as wide deserts, snow-capped mountains, pictures of the sea with foaming waves or famous sights, can be part of your engagement photos. However, you should always keep in mind that engagement pictures are all about the couple themselves - and that can even be staged perfectly in the living room at home.

Exciting locations in your city

In order to find ideas for the engagement shoot, it is often enough to look around your area. Find a place that you can identify with as a couple. This should also offer enough privacy to take casual photos here. If you are night owls, these can also be cool locations such as bars or clubs . Nature lovers will find suitable motifs in urban parks or in the botanical garden . Even bridges and historic buildings can provide the perfect backdrop for your engagement shoot.

Beyond the location, the season of the year serves as a source of inspiration. Engagement pictures that show the couple in a sea ​​of ​​early blooming flowers can look just as romantic as a shoot in the middle of snow and ice or on the summer beach . Therefore, for beautiful engagement pictures, the time of year is less important than the time of day , provided the engagement shoot takes place outdoors. The shadows look particularly hard at lunchtime. That is why many photographers prefer the morning or afternoon. The time around sunrise and sunset is considered to be the "blue" and "golden" hour with extremely atmospheric light [1].

Find ideas for posing and motifs

One of the most popular motifs for engagement photos is the engagement ring on the hand of the fianceAlternatively, the intertwined hands of the couple are often presented, whereby the ring is also in a prominent position in the picture. Or the ring itself becomes a highlight - be it with a background such as a soft fabric or antique book pages, on wood or simply in its beautiful box. Anyone planning to use the images for social media should point this out to the photographer and stage some images directly in 1: 1 format.

Posing: ideas for the fiancé

If the couple becomes a motif themselves, there are countless possibilities during the engagement shoot. The most beautiful look here are casual, timeless poses in which the couple looks natural and informal . Scenes in which both partners or one of the fiancés lean against the wall convey a relaxed sense of security that is transferred to the atmosphere in the picture. In general, the staging and facial expression should suit the couple. Anyone who is known to be funny and full of life appears authentic with just such a facial expression. A serious facial expression and a dramatic background, on the other hand, would not seem credible in this case.

Even if it seems strange to many at first, engagement pictures that show the couple from behind are particularly atmospheric For example, the engaged couple can walk hand in hand along a path . Or they ride their bikes and hold hands. These pictures appear harmonious and dynamic at the same time and symbolize the beginning of a new phase of life.

Pictures in which the partners face each other appear natural and romantic at the same time. Many variations are possible, which can result from the contact of the hands or from hugs. You can work with tricks for couples who differ greatly in terms of their height. Neither of the two should have to bend down strongly to the other, otherwise an ugly "hump" will result. filigree silhouette, on the other hand, results when she stands on tiptoe and leans towards him. The hands can be positioned so that the engagement ring can be clearly seen. For example, she can hold his head in her hands, place a hand on his upper arm, or position the hand on his shoulder. On the other hand, he can hold his partner's hips.

It seems casual and funny at the same time when both couples stand or sit next to each other and look towards the camera. They can kiss the camera while doing this. If the engagement ring is to be staged in this position, she can casually put her hand on the fiancé's shoulder. Hugs in any position, not just standing, are just as suitable for a wide variety of easy-going poses One partner can turn his back to the camera and the other look over his shoulder, or both partners can be photographed in a seated embrace. What is allowed is what is fun and what makes the fiancé feel good, because this can ultimately be "felt" on the engagement pictures.

Add a message to the photograph

In times of social media, many couples choose to associate their engagement pictures with a message. If you include them in the photo, it immediately looks funny and individual. small blackboard that you can write on individually with chalk or a small sign made of white cardboard is a good accessory for this. You can also simply write short messages on the palm of your hand or use Scrabble letters for this.

For example, the fiancée can hold a board with the words "Yes, I want!" hold in the hand. Messages such as "Save the Date!", "Away from the market" or "I said yes!" Are also possible. Pictures where both partners show a message are also popular. So she can hold a sign in the picture that says "He stole my heart" while he holds a sign that says "She steals my name" in the picture. Or he shows his palm with "pot" while she holds her hand with the inscription "lid" in the picture. Other combinations of two words that are suitable for this are "Pech & Schwefel" or "Feuer & Flamme".

Clothing, styling and make-up for the engagement shoot

Choose the right clothes

If there is a photo session, almost everyone wonders what to wear. The aim of the engagement pictures is to present the couple themselves. Therefore, experienced couple photographers recommend clothing that you feel comfortable in. Jeans types can also wear jeans and boots for the engagement pictures. Who is more the type of dress, decides this. The same goes for him. Anyone who likes to wear casual and sporty clothes in everyday life can choose the same look for the engagement photos. On the other hand, those who like to wear a shirt and suit can stay true to their style during the photo session. For harmonic images you your outfits should, both in terms of style and the color choice to vote on each other .

Fabrics that go along with every movement and easily nestle against the body and its movements look beautiful on photos. Also color accents , for example set by colorful cloths or flashy accessories can create interesting highlights. But the same applies here: the focus is on the couple with their own personal preferences. Therefore, photographers tend to recommend more muted colors. You should also pay attention to these criteria if you want to dress in a completely new outfit for your engagement photos. Another important point is the fit. When buying clothes, pay less attention to the specified size than to the fact that the clothes really fit perfectly and reflect your style, so as not to be "disguised" in the photos.to act. In addition, the outfit should look good when viewed from all sides.

Some couples also decide to use the "Engagement Shooting" as a test run for the wedding shoot . Airy summer dresses in white or cream are ideal for them. He can wear elegant trousers with a white shirt.

If the engagement shoot takes place in winter, hats, scarfs and gloves not only keep you warm, but can also be used as accessories . When making your selection, therefore, make sure to match them to your style and the rest of your wardrobe. When choosing clothes, it is important to master the balancing act between warm clothes and a nice outfit. Long dresses, for example made of shimmering velvet, for her and warming wool or cashmere pullovers with a peek-a-boo shirt collar for him can be perfectly combined with stylish coats. But jeans, turtlenecks and woolen hats also look extremely romantic in the beautiful winter light. A thermos with a warm drink and small hand warmers ensure that you do not get cold during the engagement shoot in winter.

With make-up for the perfect engagement photo

In addition to the right clothing, the right light and good posing, make-up can help you achieve perfect engagement images. A foundation that matches the skin tone hides blemishes and creates an even complexion. How the further make-up should look depends on the one hand on the fiancé and her style, but on the other hand also on the environment. Experienced make-up artists adjust the make-up accordingly. On engagement pictures in the great outdoors, natural make-up with beige, brown and delicate pink tones is suitable. If, on the other hand, you pose as a wild vamp on the engagement pictures, the make-up will be correspondingly stronger. In general, the make-up for the photo shoot is a little stronger than everyday make-upmay be. Even if you initially feel a bit "covered in make-up", it will have exactly the right intensity in the photos.

Make-up is by no means just a woman's job. Men can also benefit from this at the engagement shoot. For example, shiny spots are eliminated with powder. The makeup is not noticeable in the pictures, but the face immediately looks more even on them.

If you don't make up at all or only rarely in everyday life, a make-up artist or beautician will help you with the perfect styling for the photo session. If you go to the hairdresser before the engagement shoot , you can often have your make-up done there too. But make sure to agree in advance what the make-up should look like and which colors suit your type. test make-up in the planned outfit can also be advisable.

The cost of the engagement shoot

As the annual survey conducted by the Directory of German Professional Photographers in 2017 shows [2], many photographers set a daily rate from 300 to 600 euros. How high the costs for the individual engagement shoot are depends on the length of the shoot on the one hand, and on the all-round service on the other.

In addition to the time taken for photography, there are also meeting times, preparation times and follow-up times for the photographer. The hourly rate may therefore seem relatively high at first glance, but it is often not for the photographer himself. In any case, you should clarify in advance how many hours the shoot can and should last, and how many pictures you will receive digitally and how many as high-quality prints . That you take the pictures via USB stick or in some other digital formis not taken for granted. Especially if the price for the shoot is less than 300 euros, you should clarify whether this is actually included. A password-protected online gallery can also be part of the engagement shoot package. Not only can you access this yourself, but you can also share the link with your friends and relatives. Some photographers also work with make-up artists and can offer you a package with a shooting and styling .

Travel expenses for the photographer may be added to the actual price for the engagement shoot. The kilometer allowance is often between 0.59 and 0.69 euros. It is best to clarify in advance in which area the photographer offers his services and from when which kilometer flat rate is due. If you decide in favor of the elopement, you also have to add the travel expenses for the photographer .

A tip for bargain hunters: Those who book the engagement shoot together with a wedding shoot or a wedding report often receive a special price.

Take pictures of the engagement yourself - that's what counts!

Do you want to take the engagement photos yourself? Then, of course, the same recommendations apply for posing and styling as for professional engagement shoots. Perhaps you have an enthusiastic and talented amateur photographer among your friends who can take over the shoot? Otherwise you can make do with the right equipment. The easiest way is to use a good cell phone camera and a selfie stick to capture funny engagement photos and combine them with a funny message. It's easy to do with labeled balloons or signs that have been designed by hand lettering.

The pictures look more professional if you use a good camera and tripod as well as a remote release. The most important thing here is good lighting . It is best to take the photos in daylight under the open sky. If you want to do them indoors, you can get daylight or studio lights at reasonable prices to improve the lighting conditions. formal dresses with sleeves

With the engagement shoot you not only get beautiful pictures that remind you of the moment of engagement. You can also use them to create great save-the-date cards or wedding invitations. They can also be integrated into an individual wedding decoration. For example, you can put the pictures on candles, use them to design lanterns or even put them on the wall as a slideshow.