Wedding car - this is how your journey into happiness succeeds


Questions and answers about the topic of wedding cars

An excited bride gets out of a limousine, a newly married couple walks towards a Beetle to the cheering of relatives or a particularly chic bride and groom say goodbye to the guests, waving from a convertible - pictures with wedding cars are burned into our memories. The vehicle that drives you to the wedding ceremony and then picks you up again has a special significance for your celebration. It shows your style and can be classy, ​​sporty, romantic, nostalgic or crazy depending on your taste. But how do you find the right wedding car? In the following we answer all questions about the tradition, the organization, the style and the regulations for your very special automobile. formal dresses for women

Reasons for and against a wedding car

You have already given a lot of thought to the course of your big day. Now it remains to be clarified how you want to move around. Are the registry office, church or place of free marriage far apart? And what about the location for your celebration? Sometimes you cannot walk the distance Then the question arises whether a wedding car could be the right choice. After all, you've seen many couples drive in beautifully decorated cars.

Where does the custom of the bridal car come from?

The custom of the wedding car is still relatively new, because until the beginning of the 20th century, owning a car was not a matter of course for bridal couples. But with increasing prosperity, the custom arose in America to decorate the wedding car of newlyweds and to accompany the couple after the wedding with a horn concert to the place of celebration.

Both the jewelry and the horn were used to drive away evil spirits, which could disturb the happiness of the couple. The rattling cans that are attached to the back of a wedding car should not originally inform the neighborhood about the newly wedded couple, but try to influence psychic powers. The convoy that formed around the wedding car was there to "protect" the bride, even if that is no longer necessary today. In the meantime, the low speed and volume of a wedding convoy are mainly used to ensure that all passers-by can participate in the happiness of the newlyweds.

What alternatives are there to the wedding car?

Whether you should choose a wedding car depends on both practical reasons and your personal attitude. If the registry office, the church or the location of the free wedding ceremony is very close to your celebration location, then a wedding parade would also be an option. Such a walk is straightforward and often goes down well with guests, as they are happy to be exercised on a day of drinking and eating. However, you should then be prepared for all weather conditions and provide umbrellas for your guests. If you want something special for the bride and groom, you can think about a litter.

If the distance is longer, it doesn't necessarily have to be a wedding car: some couples see the attraction in getting around in a rather unconventional way and drive up on the wedding day by motorcycle or scooter. The choice of vehicle depends heavily on how you envision the rest of the celebration. A ride on the tractor together or the groom towing his bride with a cart can also be funny. This is a question of taste that you can best answer in pairs. Those who like it very romantic can also rent a carriage or, in winter, even a sleigh.

Organizational matters relating to the wedding car

You have decided on a wedding car, but now the next questions arise: Many couples do not know who is organizing the wedding car or whether they have to take care of it themselves. Here you can also find out what renting a car is all about and what costs you should take into account.

Where do we get a wedding car from?

Basically, you should first consider which variant you want to choose: Either you rent your wedding car professionally, you organize one within your family and friends, or you want to drive in your own car. With all three options, you can either take care of the organization yourself or you can ask your best man or family member or good friends. The choice and jewelry of a wedding car can also be a nice gift, so this is a chance to give up responsibility as a couple. However, only to someone who knows your taste and who also implements your wishes.

If you want to rent professionally, then you have to reserve the car for your wedding day in good time. You can inquire at car rentals as well as at automobile associations - that depends on which model you choose. Special vintage cars, for example, are hard to come by and should therefore be booked early. If, on the other hand, you decide on a wedding car for your friends or family members, then clarify the date with the owners in good time so that the car is available on that day and, above all, clean and decorated.

What does a wedding car cost?

The cost of a wedding car varies depending on the model. A price range of 100 euros to 500 euros (e.g. for a stretch limousine) is realistic. Then there is the flower arrangement, which can cost between 30 and 100 euros, depending on the size and effort. In addition, your expenses depend on a second cost factor: the question of whether you rent a car with or without a chauffeur. If you hire a professional driver, this will of course cost extra. Many private classic cars are generally only rented out with the owner as the driver.

Wedding cars are sometimes rented at a daily rate, but often by the hour. Then you should calculate exactly in advance when you will need your vehicle. There should be no stress after the wedding, nor should you pay unnecessarily many hours in which you do not use the car. A fully comprehensive insurance is absolutely advisable on such a day. It is best to check beforehand whether your rental service offers a package in which you do not have to pay your own contribution in the event of damage.

Sometimes a certain number of kilometers is included, often you have to fill up the car at your own expense when you return it. Here, too, it is worthwhile to find out more in advance. You will probably not travel long distances, so this cost factor is small - but it should still be clarified who refueled the car if it still has to be returned on the wedding day.

In our guide you will find more information about the costs to be expected at your wedding.

Who pays for the bridal car?

You can regulate the payment just as individually as the organization of the wedding car. As I said: This cost factor is particularly suitable as a gift. For example, the best man, your parents or other friends and relatives can come up with individual jewelry and take over the design and rental of the bridal car for you. There are no set rules about who pays. If you prefer to have everything in your own hands, then you should also reserve your wedding car yourself. Otherwise, everything is agreed, so that in the end you are really excited when you go on the first trip together as a married couple.

Jewelry and style of the wedding car

You are sure that you want to have a wedding car and the financing is already largely in place, but you are still undecided about the model? Or you think about which jewelry fits your wedding motto perfectly. Below you will find all the answers to questions about the style and jewelry of your wedding car:

Which car is our perfect bridal car?

It has to be a special car for this special day. What you mean by that is a matter of interpretation.

Do you want it nostalgic, for example? Then a classic car, e.g. a Chevrolet, a Bulli or a Beetle convertible would be the right thing for you.

Or should the car exude luxury? Then a stretch limousine, convertible or SUV might be appropriate.

Do you want to fulfill a long-cherished dream? Then your wedding day might be the right moment to rent your dream car, for example a Ferrari or a large BMW.

In addition to personal taste, you should also take into account that the wedding car must meet your individual needs. This applies, for example, in terms of comfort when the bride is pregnant, or in terms of interior space when parents or groomsmen are to come along. In addition, the season of the year has to be included in your considerations so that January doesn't ruin your beautiful convertible photos. Overall, you should always expect precipitation when choosing an open vehicle and be prepared accordingly.

It is also advisable that you reserve a parking space in front of the registry office, the church and your location so that you do not have to look for a parking space and perhaps park a long way away.

If you are unsure which bridal car is the perfect choice for you, a test drive is advisable. Many rental companies offer these so that the couples know whether the car will suit them.

The following applies to all of these decorations: Make sure that the jewelry is safely attached. Balloons are not allowed to fly away while driving, a flower arrangement secured with adhesive tape could slip off the hot bonnet while driving. There are numerous suggestions on the Internet for those who are undecided, but overall the presentation should fit together harmoniously. Everything else is entirely up to you.

Important: Those who take care of the decoration of the bridal car should also get the ribbons or bows for the car antennas of the other guests. Usually a wedding party is characterized by everyone wearing the same decoration when you drive to the place of your celebration in a convoy.

What is the right flower arrangement for the wedding car?

The floral decorations are mainly attached to the bonnet of the wedding car. This works with magnets or suction cups. In the flower shop you can pre-order flower arrangements, e.g. in the shape of a heart or two rings. The limits of your imagination are only the skills of the respective florist. Normally, however, this will try to implement your desired motif as long as it is technically feasible.

There are two more things to consider for the arrangement: It should be chosen to match the bridal bouquet. It does not necessarily have to match your entire flower decoration at the location, unless the wedding car should be visible in photos in the background of your garden party, for example. It is also important that you adjust your floral arrangements according to the season. Your florist will surely point out which flowers are possible. In addition to the large arrangement, it is also possible to attach garlands to the wedding car. It is best to have pictures of previous wedding cars shown to you beforehand so that you can correctly assess the dimensions of the floral decorations.

Where is the bride sitting in the bridal car?

There is no rule that says where the bride should sit in the wedding car. It is of course romantic when there is space in the back next to the groom. But in the back seat it is often very tight with a voluminous wedding dress. Therefore, the bride should not sit directly behind the driver so that the seat can be moved in front of her. Then nothing stands in the way of cuddling with the newly wedded husband.

Duties of the driver and regulations for the wedding car

You have already chosen a vehicle, but you are not sure who should drive it. In addition, you suddenly have doubts about how fast you can drive with all the jewelry on the wedding car. We explain what you have to pay attention to and what your chauffeur's duties are.

What tasks does the driver of the bridal car have?

If you have a private chauffeur, this is usually the same person who picks up the flower decorations for the car and then attaches the decoration. If your driver is committed, however, then that is not a matter of course, but you have to discuss this with him. If it is not possible for the chauffeur to take over this task, you need a second person who is responsible.

One of the main tasks of the driver is to drive the bride to church or to the free wedding ceremony. Here it is crucial that you can rely on the reliability of the chauffeur (whether private or professional). In addition, the driver will drive you to your location after the wedding and lead the wedding convoy. So he should be familiar with the traffic regulations for such a person. This also includes the road safety of your car: The chauffeur must ensure that the floral decorations do not restrict his field of vision.

Can I rent a wedding car without a driver?

Of course, you can also find providers who provide wedding cars without a driver. This is even standard with the usual car rental companies. If you rent a classic car, then the probability is higher that the provider will only let a trained employee drive the bridal car. There are also insurance reasons for this.

The advantage of renting with a driver is without a doubt that you don't have to worry about anything. The disadvantage is that the jewelry may have to be attached by someone else and that the costs are higher because the chauffeur gets an hourly wage. In any case, the bride and groom should rather not drive the wedding car, but rather take care of each other.

Can our dog ride in the bridal car?

Rather not. But if you have a strong wish, you have to discuss it with the car owners. When renting out, you can get in trouble if the back seat has scratches or animal hair, for example when you drop it off. If your bridal car comes from friends or family, then you should also ask whether the owners will allow a dog in the car. That can be a question of hygiene, but also of possible allergies. You cannot assume that everyone has the same attitude as you. It is therefore a matter of courtesy to ask the person providing the vehicle directly.

Many dog ​​owners also decide against taking their darling in the car on this special day because the excitement could ruin the wedding dress. Dogs often feel when their owners are particularly exuberant and then jump up on your beautiful, white dress, for example.

How fast can I drive the bridal car?

A wedding car, like any other vehicle on Germany's roads, has to comply with the rules of the road traffic regulations. However, additional guidelines apply:

  • The speed must be so slow that decorations do not fly away or hinder the journey
  • In the convoy, all cars should travel at approximately the same speed and thus be perceptible as a unit.

Isn't honking the horn in the wedding convoy prohibited?

Yes, that is correct, honking the horn to greet or make something noticeable is theoretically prohibited in road traffic. But you have certainly seen or heard many convoys yourself that accompanied the bride and groom to their party location with a horn concert. In practice, honking the horn in the wedding convoy is very rarely punished. The cops will just turn a blind eye to you on this special day.

Is a special license plate allowed for the bridal car?

Do you want to embellish your beautifully decorated wedding car with a special license plate? For example, the words "Just married" or the two names of the newlyweds are popular. But be careful, strictly speaking, this is not allowed. Your car has been registered by assigning a license plate. If this is covered up, it is a criminal offense. This has to do with the fact that the label serves as evidence of possible violations of the law. The prerequisite would then be that you have exchanged your shield "with unlawful intent".

This is not the case in the case of a special registration number for the wedding car, but it is an administrative offense if the registration number is not visible. The driver is always responsible for this. A compromise would be, for example, a sticker over the actual license plate. Or you can attach your special license plate below and place the official on the dashboard in a clearly visible position. The same applies of course to the front license plate. long sleeve formal dresses

-When all questions about the wedding car have been resolved, nothing stands in the way of the first joint drive to wedded happiness. So get in and look forward to the many turbulent ascents and descents that make a stable marriage.