Questions and answers about honeymoons / honeymoons

Enjoy the happiness together, unwind and relax from the organizational stress of the wedding - most couples want a honeymoon with unique memories. In Germany it is around 95% of all newlyweds. Some already know years in advance where they want to go, others are unsure until the end.  cheap formal dresses

After all, these days should not be just any vacation, but a wonderful start to a life together. Accordingly, many newlyweds save a long time on their honeymoon. But what costs do you have to expect? Where are other couples going? And what does your perfect trip look like?

The story of the honeymoon and the honeymoon today

Honeymoons are the time when the newly wedded couple should "flitter" with each other. This term used to mean something like "caress" or "whisper". Even today, most couples want to experience a romantic time for two on their honeymoon. But since when has the honeymoon tradition existed? We explain where the beautiful custom of the honeymoon comes from and what the statistics reveal about today's travel destinations:

Where does the custom of the honeymoon come from?

In fact, the honeymoon is one of the oldest customs related to marriage. There is already a hint of this in the Bible. It says that a groom is not allowed to hold any public office or take part in any campaigns one year after the wedding. He should take care of his bride. The old tradition was so important in the past because many bridal couples did not know each other before they married. The days or weeks after the wedding were also used for getting to know each other. In earlier centuries, aristocratic couples often moved to a castle in the vicinity for this purpose. However, most women were needed as labor after the wedding.

However, since the end of the 19th century, the European bridal couples have been more willing to travel: The emerging mass tourism made travel destinations in Italy and France popular. Venice and Rome in particular became places of longing, even if the doctors at the time warned against long-distance travel due to the allegedly fragile health of women. However, the young couples' thirst for discovery was stronger than the supposed care of the doctors. This is how the custom of today's honeymoon came about in the distance.

Where do most couples go on their honeymoon?

The tradition of traveling together after the wedding is unbroken - however, the requirements have changed, especially with regard to mobility. Today it is mainly long-distance travel that is very popular with newlyweds. 80% of all wedding couples decide to travel outside Europe. The most popular destinations include the Caribbean, Asia with the Indian Ocean, South America, as well as Africa and the Orient. These travel destinations come into question for you if you have at least two weeks.

On the other hand, those who are planning a shorter honeymoon or prefer to be more at home can travel within Europe or Germany. The historic cities in southern Europe are still popular, but they have faced great competition from the Mediterranean islands in recent decades. Honeymoons in Germany usually go to the sea (North or Baltic Sea) or in the mountains (Alps or low mountain ranges).

Regardless of where the journey goes, brides and grooms usually choose a luxury hotel on their honeymoon. Surveys show that having a hotel's own beach and local attractions is important for 95% of all couples. Whether you prefer to wander into the distance or look for happiness on your doorstep is up to your personal taste.

Honeymoon cost

You have already found your dream destination, but you don't know whether your budget is sufficient? Many couples are considering how to finance their honeymoon. In the following we answer the questions about the cost calculation for the honeymoon:

How much does a honeymoon cost?

The cost of the honeymoon varies greatly - depending on the travel destination. Nevertheless, a trend is foreseeable: For some years now, average costs of 4,000 to 5,000 euros have been normal for couples in Germany. But of course you don't have to spend that much. The rule is: don't cover the costs, but look for a travel destination that fits your budget.

At the same time, this vacation is the wrong time for bargain hunters, because after all, it should be a memory for a lifetime. So it is important to find the golden mean. It helps to compare prices and precisely calculate the costs. If you know how much you want to spend, it will automatically limit your travel destinations. This somewhat reduces the agony of choice.

Who pays for the honeymoon?

Most couples pay for their honeymoon out of their own pocket. Couples are often given money for their honeymoon, especially when the household is already complete. These are then converted directly into airline miles. Other newlyweds save a long time for their honeymoon, some even take out a loan. Building memories on debt is not advisable. Always remember that you have already found the greatest happiness.

Can you get the honeymoon as a gift?

Sometimes the parents or other close relatives can contribute to the travel budget. But it is also worthwhile to think about whether you can not finance a dream trip from the wedding guests. For example, you can also write a note about the wedding invitations. Then everyone will know what you are doing with the monetary gifts. So the guests have the feeling of giving you unforgettable memories and not just paper notes - and that makes them and you happy.

The perfect honeymoon destination

The most important of all questions about the honeymoon is of course the destination. In times when everything is possible, newlyweds have many opportunities to find the ideal destination for themselves. We will help you answer the central questions about the dream destination for your honeymoon:

What does the perfect honeymoon look like?

There is no such thing as one perfect honeymoon, there is only one perfect honeymoon for you as a couple. On such a trip, their needs can be as individually different as people.

Where the honeymoon should go depends on the above criteria. Most important of all, of course, that you spend precious time together. Honeymoons can and should be romantic. What your idea of ​​it looks like can best be discussed with your partner.

However, there are still two basic tips for the perfect honeymoon: On the one hand, you should avoid the main vacation times. Peace and togetherness is one of the greatest luxury goods of the honeymoon. On the other hand, you should consider the climate of your desired destination at the time of travel. Because this is very different regionally and seasonally.

Organizational matters relating to the honeymoon

The budget is set, the travel destination has been selected, but the next questions are already cropping up. An appointment must be found and the long-haul trip must be well planned. Here you will find all the answers to planning your honeymoon:

When should we start taking care of the honeymoon?

The early bird catches the worm - this also applies to booking the honeymoon. The sooner you take care of it, the greater the choice. And here's another tip: When booking, please indicate that you want to go on a honeymoon. Many hotels then surprise their guests with special extras such as decorations, a bottle of sparkling wine, vouchers or small surprises.

The early booking of your honeymoon also serves to give you enough time for the remaining organizational tasks. If you are planning a long-distance trip, you should have your vaccination protection refreshed if necessary and find out about the necessary vaccinations. For newlyweds who get on the plane or the car immediately after the wedding celebration, the following applies: pack in good time so that the last few days before the wedding do not degenerate into the stress of preparation for the trip.

Can we bring our honeymoon forward?

Of course you can. You can plan your honeymoon at the time that is ideal for you. Sometimes it is even purely organizationally impossible to do otherwise, for example if there is an important business meeting right after the wedding or your favorite hotel is completely booked. The timing is up to you. It can make sense to avoid the preparations for the big day by taking a honeymoon early. This is a type question that you best answer for yourself. On the other hand, many couples wait, first arrive as a married couple in everyday life and do not go on their honeymoon immediately after the wedding - that is of course also possible.

Am I entitled to a honeymoon vacation?

Yes, the legally regulated holiday entitlement for the honeymoon applies. However, this so-called special leave is usually limited to one day - so you have to cover the rest with your vacation days. Usually it is not a problem to get days off for the honeymoon. It is only important that you submit your vacation in good time. Here, too, early planning helps. If the employer feels overwhelmed by your sudden honeymoon two days before the wedding, he will certainly be reluctant to let you go. In general, your vacation request will be treated like any other.

How long does a honeymoon last?

On average, a honeymoon lasts two to three weeks. A short honeymoon under a week is also known as a midi moon. Basically anything is allowed. From a short vacation to an extended trip around the world - the main thing is that the honeymoon fits your budget. Sometimes holidays are ideal for a particularly long trip, or couples even decide to wait months or longer for their trip in order to then have a particularly long time.

Do I have to change my passport before my honeymoon?

Since the name often changes with the wedding, many couples are unsure whether to give their old or new name when booking. A valid passport is required when traveling abroad. The change usually takes about three weeks and you can request it six weeks before the wedding.

However, then nothing should go wrong. Since this risk is too great for some couples, they still travel with the old passport after the wedding. That is also no problem. To be on the safe side, you can bring a marriage certificate with you, but in most cases a woman will be able to travel under her maiden name without any problems. long sleeve formal dresses australia

When your passports are ready and your suitcases are packed, you can start. After you have answered the most important question of your life, you can start on your way to your dream honeymoon. Enjoy the days for two, no matter where you are. No one can take away lightheartedness, love and the many wonderful shared memories.