This is how you can renew your marriage vows

 Love can be so romantic! Even after many years together, you still can't get enough of each other? Then now is the time to renew your vows! To be married again, to step in front of the altar in white again and to write a new vow to confess love to the loved one? A real dream!

But go to the registry office again and say yes, unfortunately does not work. You're married before the law. But what you can do is renew your marriage vows.

For many of you, this is not only a romantic sign, but also a promise to be there for one another in the future. After the many years that you have already spent together, you are still happy and want to express this to the world and to your partner - in a very special way. cheap formal dresses

Many couples choose to renew their vows, especially if something fateful has happened beforehand. An illness that you have overcome together, a coming anniversary or the making up for a romantic celebration may cause you to prove your love to each other again. That welds together and is a great idea to celebrate the longstanding partnership.

But what can such a ceremony look like? Should it take place in church or privately? What are the costs? Do you prefer to celebrate as a couple or with family and friends? Where is the second honeymoon going after that?

All of these are questions that you need to worry about. The planning with the associated anticipation is the alpha and omega. So that nothing goes wrong, we have thought of everything for you and today we answer the most important questions about renewing your vows.

How do you renew a marriage vows?

There are several ways to renew your vows. However, you cannot just walk to the registry office and tell them that you want to marry again.

The idea is nice, but not feasible because according to the state you are already married. The renewed vows is a purely symbolic ceremony. It is taken over by the church, but also by free speakers with a new wedding ceremony. You decide how the ceremony is organized.

In which countries does re-marriage exist?

It depends where you are. It is a very popular tradition in the United States and Italy to keep vows renewed. For this, lavish parties are celebrated with all family members, friends and the religious community. Under the term "Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony", the renewal ceremony for the wedding vow has been known in the USA since the 1950s. Many couples have made use of it to this day.

This tradition has not been around for very long in Germany and the German-speaking regions, but it is becoming more and more important. For some couples, at the beginning of the marriage, they often lacked the change to throw a large wedding celebration. But that will now be made up for with the renewed marriage vows.

How can the marriage vows be renewed in the church?

In Germany you have the opportunity to renew your marriage vows in the church. However, you need a bit of advance notice.

To repeat the marriage vows, you must meet with the minister in your ward. He will want to know the reasons that led you to make this decision. He will also discuss the day and the course of the festivities with you and inform you about everything you need to know.

Mass is first celebrated in a Catholic ceremony. After the Mass, the couple's hands are tied with a priestly stole that confirms the marriage covenant.

In the Evangelical Church there is first a service. Afterwards, the new marriage can be arranged quite individually. For this you have to contact your clergyman in advance to plan the whole process.

Often there are no costs for a repeated wedding ceremony in the church. Conversations with your minister are free, as is the celebration in church. It can only be that previously booked persons such as organ players or musicians request a Hoorar. However, these costs are also kept within limits. Donations and collections are welcome.

A repeated free or ecumenical wedding

A new ecumenical wedding usually only takes place after 25 and 50 years. There are many couples who renew their silver wedding vows. Some only make it to the golden wedding after 50 years. They are supported by two clergymen who perform the new marriage. The ecumenical second wedding is usually free.

If you don't want to wait so long because after five years you have the need to prove your own love, you can also call in a free theologian or speaker. You get in contact with him and design your second wedding according to your ideas. Your wishes will be addressed directly. A freelance theologian or speaker requires a fee, but designs the ceremony according to your specifications regardless of church traditions.

The renewed free wedding also has the advantage that you can freely choose the location of the wedding. So you can reaffirm your vow on a boat, in your garden, in the park, on the farm, in the forest, in the zoo or in any other place that has a meaning for your relationship.

For some places, however, you need a permit or license, so you should inquire about this with the city in advance. Often the freelance theologian or speaker knows about the licenses and is at your side with advice and action.

Do you prefer to celebrate as a couple or with everyone?

You are free to decide whether you want to celebrate as a couple or with family and friends. At the party, which is ultimately about you, everything can go according to your taste. In general, there are far fewer rules with renewed vows than with a traditional wedding celebration.

So you can decide for yourself whether you want to renew your love in a large or small circle or just as a couple, and whether it should be formal or casual. You decide whether a celebration should take place afterwards or not, whether the guests adhere to a dress code or not and what the celebration should look like in general.

Many couples like to celebrate in large groups because the budget was too tight for the first wedding. This celebration is now being rescheduled. But it doesn't mean that a big party is better. Instead, some couples prefer to take an expensive trip and enjoy their time together. Other couples only celebrate with their children in small groups.

Especially if you want to save a little and prefer to treat yourself to something, the small circle can be just right for you. You can then go out to eat, take a walk in the nearby park or even put your feet in the sand at your holiday destination.

However you want to shape your day is up to you. It is only important that you can really enjoy the time together, whether in a large or small group. Either way, it will be a special moment.

Where should the second honeymoon go?

Couples usually choose spectacular travel destinations for their second honeymoonBack when they got married, the house still had to be paid off, a child was just out and about, or, or, or ... In short: the money wasn't enough. But now that the children are out of the house and something has been put aside, the journey can be more expensive and exciting.

A safari tour in Africa, gambling in Las Vegas, lying on the beach in Hawaii or diving in the Maldives are high on the list for many. Las Vegas in particular is a very popular destination, as there are many small wedding chapels to be found here, in which the second wedding ceremony can take place.

Hawaii, the Maldives and Mauritius are also in great demand. Countless weddings take place here on the beach. Often, however, you need a permit and you have to plan the organization just as thoroughly as at home. So find out beforehand what is allowed and what is not. For example, some countries do not like drinking alcohol on the beach or kissing in public.

It will be romantic and exciting at the same time with historical and special places. If you don't just want to go on a trip to Paris, New York or Dubai, but also want to say yes there again, you should plan carefully. Central Park, the Eiffel Tower or the Burj Khalifa are great places, but it takes a lot of planning to get a place there. Not only do you have to be patient, you also have to purchase a license.

The escape from everyday life is nice and gives the couple something exciting and new again. The important thing is not necessarily the goal, but that you experience something exciting together. Or would you have thought that your husband, whom you have known for years, would suddenly like to learn to surf ?!

Can you make a second vows on the high seas?

Celebrations for the second marriage vows, which take place on a ship, are also particularly popular. The romantic idea of ​​sailing into the sunset is very popular with many couples. It doesn't have to be a small ship that has been specially booked for this celebration, it also goes on a large cruise ship. So the second honeymoon can take place immediately afterwards.

Many large cruise lines not only offer weddings, but also the renewed vows on board. However, many shipping companies no longer have an on-board pastor, which is a shame. The position was abolished in order to save costs. Therefore, it makes sense to ask the cruise operator whether a second wedding ceremony is possible on board. Often times they will come to meet you and organize something to your satisfaction. In most cases the captain is also available for this. It is best to find out about special offers and packages in advance.

Those who prefer to celebrate as a couple or in a small group can also book a small boat for a day or for the weekend and celebrate on it. Even then, you need someone to lead the ceremony. Here again a captain or priest comes on board to bring the happy couple into the port of marriage a second time.

However you decide whether on a small boat or a large cruise ship, the organization should take place in advance so that there are no complications in the process later. If you organize yourself and don't get married on a cruise ship, you have to think of everything: guests, invitations, food, drinks and much more. It's easier on the cruise ship because you don't have to organize yourself, but the ceremony isn't as intimate as on a privately booked boat.

What are the costs?

Finally, let's take a look at the cost of getting married agin . The tiresome topic of money comes up every time there is a big party or trip. So before you plan anything, you should check how your finances are doing.

The remarriage vow is no more expensive than the cost of a "standard" wedding. But what are the general costs? We'll tell you now in detail.

Invitation cards & decoration

When you have decided how many guests should come, you can choose the invitation cards. Here you have to expect a price of up to 3 euros per invitation. Of course, it depends on whether you have them designed and printed yourself or whether you send ready-made cards.

The prices also fluctuate when it comes to decoration. Flower arrangements and bouquets on the table, a few garlands and confetti, napkins and a few decorative hearts do not cost the world, but make the location more beautiful. However, it depends on how many guests you invite. For a big party, more decoration is needed to create the right atmosphere. If you only celebrate in pairs, you can simply put a nice bouquet of flowers on the table. So everything is possible from 20 to 2,000 euros.

Dress & suit

What would a second wedding be without the right dress? Of course, there must also be a new suit for men. Depending on the dress and suit, you can expect around 300 to 2,000 euros. If you want, you can also have the old wedding dress changed and wear it again - a wonderful gesture that brings back old memories.

Pastor or free speaker

Renewing marriage vows in church is free in most cases. However, a donation is often expected, but it does not have to be high. The preliminary talks with the pastor are free of charge, as are the celebrations in the church itself. However, those who want to celebrate afterwards often have to pay money for the premises next to the church. Here the prices fluctuate from municipality to municipality.

Those who opt for a free wedding, on the other hand, have to dig deeper into their pockets. You can contact free pastors and speakers via the Internet. Make sure that the first interview is free and that nothing is talked into you that you do not want or need.

The prices for free speakers can fluctuate widely. Everything is possible from 500 to 1,500 euros. It always depends on whether only one speech is given or whether the further program with singers, musicians, buffet and Co. is also included in the service of the freelance speaker.


If you want, you can use the opportunity to buy new wedding rings New ring, new luck so to speak. If you hang on your old ring, you can give it a new shine with a polish or an additional stone. This builds on the old love and adds something new.

Stackable rings with diamonds that can be worn in addition to a wedding ring are just as beautiful They complement luck and come with many different stones and in different versions. So there is certainly a matching stackable ring to your existing wedding ring.

The thought of having a new engraving done is also nice. An engraving, e.g. your wedding date or your names, will probably already be in your existing wedding ring as an engraving. If you buy a second wedding ring or a stackable ring, you can, for example, have another engraving made to show your love again. In our guide we have put together some ideas for an engraring in the wedding ring.

Depending on the design, the new rings can cost different amounts. With the 3D corrigurafor from AURONIA, however, you can keep a close eye on the price and let your imagination run wild when designing it.

Location & honeymoon

The costs for the location and honeymoon can be as different and individual as you are. So one couple is satisfied with having two meals or having a barbecue in the garden and then traveling to the North Sea. Another couple would like to get married with 200 guests on a cruise ship and then lie on the beach in Hawaii. long sleeve formal dresses australia

This is where the costs fluctuate the most. It depends on how many guests you invite, where you are celebrating, how you are celebrating and what the surrounding area looks like. More expensive is always possible, but that doesn't mean that the celebrations automatically become more beautiful. So first find out what is most important to you and then set a budget.

In our guide, you will find more information about the various items in the wedding budget and how you can save.