Elopement - wedding in a small circle


Are you planning an intimate wedding for two or in a small group? Then you are right on trend with an elopement wedding! Anyone who opts for an elopement wedding can escape the stress of the wedding and celebrate either alone or in a small group with closest friends or family members. The big advantage is not only that the planning effort is significantly reduced, but the couple can also concentrate on themselves on the big day. In addition, an elopement wedding makes it possible to get married in the most remote travel destinations and to go easy on the wallet.

Elopement - a tradition becomes a new hype

The term "Eloping" or "Elopement" comes from English and means "burn through" in German. Elope, i.e. running away to get married, has gained massive popularity in recent years, but it is not a new phenomenon. Only the reasons for this have changed over the centuries and the term has undergone changes. Many today get married in secret to be alone, to enjoy the ceremony at romantic destinations, or simply to avoid the cost of a big wedding . cheap formal dresses

In the past, an elopement wedding was the only way for many couples to get married at all. The reasons for this were varied. It could be that the parents of the bride or groom did not agree to the marriage. Often - especially during the war or the Great Depression - there was no money for an official wedding or the couple had not yet reached marriageable age. For these reasons, the Scottish town of Gretna Green has achieved fame.

Burning through according to Gretna Green - a "hot" forged collar

From 1753 to 1970 you had to be 21 years old in England 1to marry without your parents' consent. In Scotland, on the other hand, the age for marriageability was 16 years and so many young couples fled across the English border to Scotland in order to be secretly married in nearby Gretha Green .

In Gretna Green, the couples were not married in a chapel, but the bond for the marriage was forged "over the anvil". For the weddings closed in the forge, it was necessary to sign a contract in front of witnesses. For business-minded residents of Gretna Green, the testimonies offered many opportunities for extra income.

Elopement today - the benefits

In fact, more and more millennials are considering an elopement wedding. But not only the young lovers have recognized the advantages of the intimate wedding. Many couples who are already entering into the covenant for the second time opt for an intimate wedding. The advantages are obvious.

Those who marry all by themselves do not have to worry about the ideas and expectations of others and can get married in a completely unconventional way. Even a wedding in the remotest corner of the world is possible and you are almost completely free in the choice of the location. Therefore, for many couples, the Elopement wedding is the perfect alternative to an opulent wedding on a grand scale.

Another factor that stands for Elopement Wedding is cost. With a large wedding, there are not only the costs for the wedding itself, including dress, suit, fees, etc. The expenses for the restaurant, hospitality and much more are also included. As a survey from 2016 showed, Germans spend an average of 6,500 euros on their wedding celebration. In other countries, the bride and groom spend even more on their big day, in Great Britain for example an average of 27,000 euros.

Thus, even with a luxurious elopement wedding in the most exotic locations, you often stay below the average budget for a traditional wedding in a large circle.

The most important information for planning

Even if the planning effort with elopement is usually much less than with a conventional wedding, you should think carefully about how you imagine the wedding and what is required for it.

Where to "blow away"?

First of all, you should clarify where you want to get married. For example, weddings on the beach are particularly popular. How about a wedding on the wide North Sea beach or a romantic vacation for two on the Danish coast? Or do you combine your wedding for two with a relaxing holiday in Spain, France or even in the tropics?

Favorite destinations are also dreamy places in the great outdoors, including national parks, such as the Olympic National Park in Washington state, and the Kruger National Park in South Africa. But local nature parks such as the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park, the Berchtesgadener Land or the Königsstuhl are also attractive.

The historic town of Gretna Green is still particularly popular. Anyone who flees here to forge the bond of marriage over the anvil can obtain all the necessary information and particularly practical "wedding packs" from the local registry office , which make marriage in Scotland particularly easy in a historical atmosphere. However, one should prepare for the fact that Gretna Green is also popular with tourists who want to take a look at the newly wedded wedding couple. The wedding might not turn out as intimate as one sometimes imagined.

Las Vegas is still one of the most popular destinations, where there is a suitable band for every taste and you can get married in a dreamy romantic or crazy rock style. However, there is a high risk that your plan will be exposed in advance if you tell friends and relatives that you are visiting Las Vegas. It is therefore a good idea to "package" your visit to Las Vegas into a trip to America.

Many couples also choose a romantic wedding in European cities such as Paris, Amsterdam or Venice. The Bahamas, Seychelles, Bali and Hawaii are also at the top of the wish list for a dream wedding abroad. Travel agencies and hotels now also offer elopement packages, in which everything from travel and accommodation to the wedding ceremony and the photographer is often included.

Burn through - but do it right!

What sounds wild and at first like little effort, requires some planning . First of all, you should clarify whether you want to get married all by yourself or whether your closest friends or relatives should be there. For some it is clear that they want to enjoy the day alone as a couple, others definitely want their parents, best friend or best friend with them.

Especially those who want to get married abroad should clarify the legal requirements in advance. As the Federal Foreign office explains, a legal marriage is now possible in most countries in front of the local wedding organ. However, the formalities that apply on site must be complied with. The best thing to do is to find out more from the responsible German diplomatic mission in the country of your choice. The Federal Office of Administration has also summarized information on the special features of each individual country in practical leaflets.

Anyone who has decided on an Elopement Wedding abroad should definitely clarify before the wedding what is necessary for the recognition of the marriage in Germany. Some countries only issue a certificate after the marriage and further steps are necessary in order to obtain a marriage certificate, which is required for registration in Germany. The Federal Administration Office provides detailed information on this in its leaflets.

There are also fantastic destinations for elopement in Germany. The same legal requirements apply here as for any other wedding in Germany. For a civil marriage it is necessary that you first register at the registry office of your place of residence and then ask the registry office of your choice to arrange a wedding date and clarify formalities. You can find more information about civil weddings in our guide.

Find the right photographer

In order to later intensively remember the most important day in life, beautiful pictures should not be missing for very few. Photographers who capture the special moment while remaining true to the style of the bride and groom can be found all over the world. So that there are no communication problems, it makes sense to look for the right photographer from Germany.

If you know a photographer in Germany whose photos you like, just write to him. Many photographers work worldwide. Especially if you get married within Europe, the flight tickets are often not expensive and it can be worthwhile to have the photographer flown in from Germany.

An alternative is to look for a German-speaking photographer in the country where you would like to get married. Social networks can help here. On many social media channels there are groups of Germans who are networked with one another and can make recommendations.

Buy dress, wedding suit and rings

Dress, suit and rings require careful selection and should not be missing in the luggage when elopement. When choosing clothes, you can be completely inspired by your destination and you are completely free in your decision. One of the advantages of "blowing through" is that you don't have to live up to expectations. You can get married in a classic wedding dress and suit. But you can also wear light, airy summer clothes or even comfortable jeans.

When buying, you should not only keep an eye on the temperatures, but also the humidity. In tropical countries, but also in the Mediterranean region, it is not only warmer but also wetter than in Germany. Fabrics that are breathable and transport moisture away from the body are suitable here. Therefore, when choosing the right clothes for your wedding, pay attention to a high proportion of natural materials such as cotton or linen.

Matching accessories, such as a pretty necklace and matching hair accessories, complete the look. In addition, a wedding bouquet goes well with the style of the clothes and the bride and groom on the wedding photos.

You should also choose the rings in advance . So you definitely have the wedding rings in your luggage and don't have to laboriously search for them on site. Also plan enough time for the selection and consider whether you want to have them engraved.

Elopement Etiquette: What To Look For

While the couple can enjoy a romantic day for two at the elopement wedding and there is much to be said for the wedding in a small circle, this variant is not well understood by everyone in the environment. You should be aware of this fact when deciding on an Elopement wedding.

With a lot of empathy and the right way of dealing with friends and family, however, hurt feelings can be minimized. Especially if you decide to "burn through" in pairs, it is best not to actually tell anyone beforehand. This way rumors and negative feelings can be avoided in advance. After the wedding, you should inform those around you immediately.

How do we tell the parents?

In any case, you should personally tell family members and close friends that you got married - preferably face-to-face or by phone. You can give them the reasons for your intimate wedding and assure them that they were spiritually present for you.

You can also send a card to all those who you do not want to inform personally. If you want to celebrate later, you can combine invitations with the information that you have already married, but of course you want to share this important moment with friends and family.

You should definitely avoid announcing the wedding on social media. That may be tempting, especially for exotic travel destinations. However, family and best friends are unlikely to be happy to hear about the wedding on Facebook or Instagram. What speaks against, however, is an afterthought.

Celebrate the elopement wedding retrospectively

Many couples decide to return home to celebrate after their intimate wedding ceremony. This can be designed differently. Also in a small circle, as a big party with all friends and acquaintances, very rustic or romantic in vintage style.

Choice of dates and announcement of the celebration

You are free to choose when to celebrate, after all you are already married and there is no need to stick to any dates. For some, it feels right to host the celebration within the first few months of getting married. Others want to wait, be it to save a little more money or until the right time of year comes.

The announcement of the celebration can be combined with the announcement of the marriage. This reduces the likelihood that friends and family will be disappointed because they couldn't be there on the big day. In addition, you can show pictures of the wedding on a projector with a screen at the celebration and let friends and family participate.

If you send out invitation cards for the celebration, you should make it clear in the text that you have already married. You can announce the celebration as an "after-wedding party" or expressions such as "We already have 'Yes!' said "choose.

Don't expect any gifts

You shouldn't expect presents at the post-wedding celebration. Nevertheless, there will be friends or family members who would like to give something. If you have special requests, you can of course compile a list and make it available to all those who specifically ask for them.

At the celebration itself, you shouldn't be disappointed if the guests don't bring any presents. In any case, you should thank you for coming. And if someone has a present with them, it's best to write a little thank you after the party!

Ideas for the festival

A relaxed after-wedding party gets the right atmosphere with sparkling wine and live music. A rustic good-mood celebration can be well organized in a party barn and those who want pure romance after the elopement wedding can opt for a celebration in a castle. long sleeve formal dresses australia

Other couples opt for a relaxed summer party in the garden or for a subsequent church wedding in a small group. The most important thing about the after-party is that you as a couple can also enjoy this day and remember it with many beautiful moments.