Wedding cake - the best tips & tricks


The proposal was accepted, the day of the wedding is set - now all that's missing is the perfect wedding cake for happiness. And sometimes it really has it all! Many couples despair at the very thought of having to commit to one cake. Tastes are different and what the bridal couple likes, the guests don't have to like for a long time.  formal dresses for women

The choice of shape, color and decoration is also not easy. Men and women often have very different tastes here. But of course the wedding cake cannot be missing on the most beautiful day in life. It is one of the most important parts of the wedding celebration. It should not only look good, but also taste good and, moreover, be integrated into the festivities.

The traditional cutting of the cake is a must for every newlyweds. By the way, the wedding cake is the absolute crowning glory after dinner and every guest waits for the legendary presentation of it.

But does it really have to be a cake or can it be more individual? In order not to melt into self-doubt later, you should think in advance what kind of cake you want to put on. For some bridal couples a rough draft is sufficient, for others the shape, taste and decoration is discussed down to the smallest detail.

Often the appearance of the cake is also a woman's affair. The husbands love to give up this task and just want to have a say in the taste. So you both have the matter in hand and can conjure up a dreamy wedding cake according to your wishes.

In general, it is worth investing a little more time in planning in order to get what you wanted in the end. After all, nobody wants to have compromises on the table, especially when the cake is presented in front of everyone.

Regardless of whether you already have in mind exactly which cake you want or whether your dream cake has yet to be designed, today we will reveal a few tips and tricks on how to get the wedding cake right.

A classic wedding cake or do you prefer something individual?

The classic, multi-tiered wedding cake is a highlight for many at their own wedding. It has to be at least five floors to look good and to feed the many guests at a big party. Sugar, marzipan, the color white, pearl patterns and colorful sugar flowers are common decorative elements and add a touch of glamor to culinary enjoyment.

However, weddings are no longer necessarily classic. If you want to design it individually, you can rely on themed weddings and choose a suitable wedding cake accordingly.

There are all kinds of funny and unusual shapes. A pair of pumps, a thick bow, a crown or intertwined wedding rings not only look good, they also taste great after being cut.

In addition to the motto wedding cakes, there is also the option of serving tarts, tartlets, cupcakes, muffins or petit fours as a substitute for a wedding cake. Small, colorful works of art are stacked on the tables, are lovingly decorated and finally something completely different in contrast to the well-known wedding cake. Your guests will be amazed!

Incidentally, it is not just optically an unforgettable feast for the eyes. Different small bites also offer the possibility of offering different flavors.

What does the choice of wedding cake have to do with the location?

Many bridal couples do not even think about the fact that the choice of wedding cake should match the location. Why is it important?

Imagine the following scenario: You want to have a glamorous party on the beach in Bali. It's sandy, a bit windy, 30 degrees in the shade and you've chosen a cream cake. It is clear that it will not last long in the hot temperatures. It melts away faster than you can see and you only had a brief moment in the original state.

Before you order a wedding cake, you should discuss with the location whether it is possible to store it in a cool place there. Proper serving is also important, because if something goes wrong, all the effort is in vain. In addition, it should be able to be cooled again in between, in case it is not completely eaten and should make its way into the home refrigerator.

In many locations such as a restaurant, a hotel or even a club, a large cold room should not be a problem. However, things get more complicated if you get married in a rather unusual place. On the beach, at the lake or on a small ship, there is only limited storage space for your wedding cake. So you should inform yourself about this before you embark on a five-tier cream cake.

To the confectioner or do you prefer to bake yourself?

That is the question of all questions! Sure, you save a bit of money if you don't go to the pastry chef, but is it really worth it? Baking a wedding cake that isn't exactly a sheet cake is pretty tough. Not only do you need patience, you also need time. If you have someone in your circle of friends who is good at baking, you are welcome to ask them for help, but should also accept if they say no. Baking a wedding cake is not an easy task.

Baking the cake yourself is a bit of a challenge because there are a few more things floating around in your head before the wedding than just the cake. If something doesn't work, for example the cake collapses, you often don't have time to find an adequate replacement. The tears are inevitable

However, if you can bake really well and want to make a project out of it with your girlfriend, for example, if you have enough time and like to try things out, you should grab baked goods and cake tins yourself. Nothing is as beautiful as a homemade cake, because a lot of love is lived here. Nevertheless, it makes sense to bake the cake at least 1-2 times in advance as a test.

However, if you have two left hands in your baking and prefer to be on the safe side, you can rely on the pastry shop. Even if it can get more expensive, the pastry chef offers you a great service. As a rule, it not only offers a good-looking cake that you have put together according to your wishes, but also a free trial dinner, good advice and a very nice decoration. You can save yourself the stress of baking yourself.

What does the choice of wedding cake have to do with the season?

Just like the location, the time of year has a lot to do with whether a wedding cake is well received or not. The main question is whether your dream cake can withstand the hot summer temperatures of over 30 degrees when it is served. Many a couple had a nasty surprise when they decided on an ice cream cake and it melted in midsummer before the last guest could get hold of a piece.

Even cream, heavy buttercream and Co. are not necessarily something for hot days. Although they only melt to a limited extent, they are heavy in the stomach. It is better to rely on seasonal fruits, which are also reasonably priced and embellish some cake creations.

But it is best to speak to your pastry chef or catering service to find out what is possible and how your wish can be implemented.

When does a wedding cake have to be ordered?

As with all the other items on your to-do list, the same rule applies to the wedding cake: the earlier the better. As early as possible, you should think about the filling, the taste, the batter, the look and the decorations. Only those who have a concrete idea in mind will later get what they have in mind. The decision is easy for many women because they often already have a dream cake in their head.

But the confectioner can also help if you don't have an answer for everything. He knows how the individual components can best be coordinated with one another. So don't worry if the dream cake has not yet formed in your head. The confectioner is at your side with words and deeds.

You should make the appointment for the discussion of the wedding cake as early as possible. One to two months in advance, the subject of cake should be addressed and a pastry chef should be found. So you have enough time to fulfill all your wishes.

Also plan enough time for the rehearsal meals. The pastry chef may not have many free appointments, so you should take care of them early enough. If you get married in spring, it is best to make an appointment earlier, as many couples get married at this time of the year. Incidentally, the order is only binding once it has been signed.

How do I find the right pastry chef?

Listen to advice from friends, acquaintances, relatives and work colleagues. Some of them must have some funny stories up their sleeves about what went wrong at their wedding. But if a pastry shop is recommended to you and you trust the person, you can confidently add them to your list.

You should choose up to three different pastry shops and go to them with a specific proposal for the wedding cake. So you can get the best price-performance ratio, because the price differences are usually very large.

You should choose the pastry chef you find likeable, who gives you good advice and who makes specific suggestions about prices. Let me give you a final price including transport costs and service so that you don't get a nasty surprise later. Those who keep all of these points will soon see their dream cake in front of them.

When you've finally decided on a pastry chef who not only has the service, but also the price, off you go. You can find ideas about the appearance of the cake in wedding magazines, on the Internet or you can draw your own. The pastry chef also has photos of his magnificent creations ready and will be at your side with ideas and advice. The total work of art will soon be ready to eat.

Another wedding cake tip from us: Make sure that the confectioner's offer also includes delivery, assembly of the wedding cake and the étagère. This ensures that the cake does not have to be set up by someone else, as a lot can go wrong.

Remember to check whether your location already has a contract confectioner. At many locations, this is even stated in the rental agreement so that you are bound to it. Of course, you can still hire another pastry chef, but then you will have to pay double the costs. But a contract confectioner can also do a good job. Often they have a lot of practice in baking wedding cakes and so you don't have to worry.

How much cake do I need for a wedding?

If you pay attention to how much of the cake you can eat yourself during the test dinner, you will be able to estimate more easily later how much your guests will eat of it. You can also benefit from the fact that you already have a concrete idea of ​​your wedding cake. Then the pastry chef can better plan how many pieces will have to be used later.

The size of the wedding cake depends mainly on the number of guests. As a rule, 1-2 pieces per person are expected. You should also keep in mind that after the big wedding dinner there is not much space in the stomach for cake and cake, because your guests will simply be full at some point.

It also depends on which appearance and which shape is planned. It also plays a role whether the wedding cake should be the only dessert or whether there is an extra cake buffet with muffins, cupcakes or other desserts.

Your pastry chef will advise you which size is right for you. Basically you should have too much cake on hand rather than too little so that nobody goes empty-handed.

What shapes are there for a cake?

Before you start decorating the cake, you have to choose a shape together with the confectioner. There are endless ways to build the cake. With a specific idea, you go to the confectioner, who will suggest the basic shape of your cake.

There are classic round and square cakes, but also heart, pillow or triangular shapes. The Topsy Turvy shape is currently very popular, as it comes across as modern and slightly slanted.

Etageres, which can separate the individual parts of the wedding cake from each other, are also popular. So every single deck of the cake can be designed differently or offer a different flavor.

But it is important to listen to the advice of the specialist. Not only the visual design is decisive when choosing the shape, but also the consistency. It mainly decides which forms are possible and which are not.

Which flavors are there?

There is even more choice when it comes to the flavor than the shape. In principle, you can choose any cake and pie that you like, as long as it can withstand the conditions on site (solar radiation, heat, etc.) and can be cooled accordingly on site if necessary.

The flavors are almost endless. It gets easier if you choose a direction. There are buttercream cakes, cream cakes, fruit cakes, but also poppy cakes or chocolate cakes. The most common wedding cakes are buttercream and cream cakes. If you know the direction, you can choose fruits, your favorite chocolate and everything else to make it tasty.

How can the wedding cake be decorated?

Here it depends on the creativity of the bride and groom. Some couples want a simple cake that should mainly taste good. Other couples love the big appearance with a spectacular cake. No matter what your wish is, it can be implemented. There are no limits to your imagination.

Whether in dark, pastel or light colors, with a color gradient, in an ombre look or in one color, it's up to you. Icing is an absolute trend right now. The cake is sprayed with a wafer-thin layer of fondant, which makes it shine and look very classy.

Decorations such as flowers made from fondant, icing or marzipan are popular, as are edible flowers. Pearl patterns or running chocolate, ribbons and fruits, but also butterflies made from fondant or marzipan are popular.

The top of the cake is always something special. There is often a small cake figure here, symbolizing the bride and groom. Here, too, you have endless possibilities: Either you let the pastry chef make a bridal couple from sugar, fondant or marzipan or you choose one of the ready-made bridal couples from his range. In the meantime, however, you can also order many unusual cake figures on the Internet.

The individual cake figure from the confectioner can be adapted to your wishes and look like you. The individual cake figure is ephemeral, but a figure made of clay or plastic lasts forever. There are clay figures sitting in cars, with funny mottos, but also very classic and stylish. Here you should listen to your gut instinct and take what you like.

What does a wedding cake cost?

The cost of a wedding cake can vary widely. There is no price limit and there are no limits to your imagination. Depending on how elaborately designed and big the cake is and whether the filling is seasonal, you may have to pay different costs.

The price is significantly influenced by the baked goods used. The more exclusive the ingredients and the more elaborate the outside of the cake, the more expensive it will be. You will notice this especially when real vanilla is used, because it is quite expensive. Decoration can also be costly, depending on the effort. For example, roses made from sugar cost around 10 euros each on average. Only roses made from marzipan are more expensive at around 20 euros each. It will be cheaper if you use real flowers as an ornament - best to match your bridal bouquet. But that's all a matter of taste and a cost factor.

When is the best time to serve the wedding cake?

Traditionally, the wedding cake is presented after midnight as the grand finale of the wedding. After the midnight snack, it is driven in, cut and distributed. However, there is a risk here that your guests are already more than full. The previous feasts filled the bellies and often only a small piece of cake fits in. If you don't want that, you can do without dessert and rather serve a wedding cake as dessert.

If you prefer to celebrate in the afternoon and end the evening comfortably for two, for example at a civil wedding , you can also present the wedding cake while drinking coffee.

The wedding cake can also be served unconventionally at a champagne reception. This is how the celebration opens and your guests are doubly happy because they get something very tasty right from the start, if they are guaranteed to be still hungry. Here, finger food-sized cake alternatives such as cupcakes or petit fours are particularly suitable.

If you want to see something of the cake longer, you can have it set up in the dining room at the beginning of the celebration. So everyone has enough time to marvel at the wedding cake and take a photo of it. In addition, everyone knows that there will be cake later and can therefore hold back while eating in order to have room for the cake.

What customs are there for the wedding cake?

A few customs and rituals are entwined around the wedding cake, which many bridal couples take to heart. Whether you want to rely on these customs is of course up to you. If you just want to eat the delicious cake, that's no problem either. Nevertheless, we will introduce you to the three most famous customs for wedding cakes.

Cutting the cake

After the wedding dress, the wedding cake is the highlight of every wedding. It is often presented after the big wedding dinner after midnight. Lots of sparklers, beautiful music and dim lights make them even more spectacular to look at. She is pushed into the darkened wedding hall with a lot of attention and is accompanied by roaring applause. The bride and groom stand up to cut the cake.

Both cut into the cake at the same time with a knife to cut out a piece. Now it depends on where your hands are. The interpretation of the custom says that whoever has the hand up also has the say in marriage. long sleeve formal dresses

Sharing the cake

Then the first piece of cake is divided. The bride and groom share a plate. The bridal couple take turns feeding each other with a fork full of wedding cake. When they have finished eating, the rest of the cake is distributed. At the beginning the bride and groom put the wedding cake on the plate, later this task can be taken over by the staff.

The first floor is frozen

In some regions there is also the following custom: The first floor of the wedding cake remains untouched. Neither the bridal couple nor the staff cut them. It is not eaten on the wedding day, but frozen straight after it has been admired. For the first wedding anniversary, the cake is thawed and the couple can reminisce again. If you choose this variant, it is best to ask the confectioner which type of cake is suitable for freezing.

In our guide you can find out more about various wedding customs .