Lost wedding ring? What should I do?


There is probably nothing worse for married people than to see when looking at the ring finger: something is missing. After all, the wedding ring is not just a valuable piece of jewelry - it also has great ideal value. He reminds many spouses of the moment of the application, the wedding day itself or simply the mutual promise of a life together. So many see the lost ring as a bad omen for their relationship. The loss is not as rare as some might assume: the wedding ring quickly slips off your finger during exercise or is not tight enough to not disappear between the earth and the leaves while gardening.

If you ask around in your circle of friends, there is bound to be one or the other touching story about the loss of this symbol of eternal loyalty. For example, a man is said to have lost his wedding ring while scratching the snow on his car - after which he was busy for hours carrying bags of snow from the parking lot to his house in order to look through it carefully in search of the valuable piece of jewelry. But what other options do you have for finding a ring again if it is lost? Does this loss really prophesy an uncertain future for the marriage? And above all: what can be done if this sign of your eternal love has disappeared? We have compiled all the answers for the desperate seeker:

The wedding ring is gone - is that a bad omen?

If they miss their wedding ring, many married people see it as a bad omen. But what does it really mean to lose the wedding ring? It is popularly said that a lost ring heralds a difficult phase in the relationship, or worse, leads directly to divorce. One also hears again and again that the partner would cheat if the symbol for mutual loyalty can no longer be found. These interpretations, however, are pure superstition and can be traced back to the strong symbolism of the ring. Nobody would like to lose the sign that represents eternal love for their partner. Often it is also the other person who additionally reproaches the inconsolable seeker in such a situation. So if your partner should lose his ring, it would be much better to stand by his side than to blame him for taking better care of it. Otherwise, the disputes that follow may be a first sign of the fulfillment of the bad prophecies.

Instead of making the relationship problems a reality through rash accusations, you should not interpret the loss of the wedding ring in a superstitious way. The bond with your partner is expressed through this symbol - but your relationship is much more than a piece of jewelry. The wedding ring may be absent, but it is not destroyed and your love continues as long as it is not with you. If you want to think in a particularly positive way, you can also interpret the lost ring as a sign of a new beginning: Your marriage may have grown in the meantime, you have changed and you have walked a path together - it may be time to confirm this with a new ring . So the stage of your relationship you are in at the moment can best expressed and the marriage can be rekindled even through the sad loss. Of course, it is also understandable if you continue to cling to your old ring. Therefore you should leave no stone unturned to find the wonderful piece of jewelry again:

How can you find a lost wedding ring?

If the wedding ring has been lost, the first thing you will ask yourself is where to look. The easiest way to answer this is to ask yourself a few more specific questions: So first think about when you last saw the piece of jewelry. A wedding ring can be lost at home as well as in the garden or on the go. Perhaps you still remember the last time you took it off. What activities did you do in the time that you might do a lot with your hands or pay less attention to the ring? Leisure activities in particular, which have to do with sport or water, often encourage the ring to slip off your finger in a careless moment. You could have lost the ring, for example, on the beach, while swimming, in the snow, at the lake or in another water. The most important thing is Narrow down the area where the important symbol of your marriage may have disappeared. The larger the terrain, the more time-consuming the search.

... if you have lost the wedding ring in your own apartment / garden

The good news first: Rings that have probably disappeared in your own four walls or in the garden are most likely to reappear. So you're misplaced rather than lost. Here it is particularly important to consider when you last saw the ring. Perhaps you did chores afterwards or even took the ring off unconsciously so as not to dirty it? If possible, stay calm and think in peace, then you will definitely remember. However, if that is not the case, a large-scale search with family or friends can help in case of doubt. Should this attempt also fail, you can still think about professional help (see below). If you misplace your wedding ring frequently, you should consider a permanent location for the future, at which he picks it up inside the apartment or house. This saves you having to search later.

.. if you have lost your wedding ring on the beach / lake

If you are sure that you have lost your ring on the beach or at the lake, then you should first search the places where you have been. If it is a public beach or a swimming pool, the staff there can also give you information about possible lost property. Searching in the water is often particularly difficult. If repeated diving and the help of others do not lead to the goal, then perhaps a metal detector (see professional search) can bring the desired piece of jewelery back to the daylight. Otherwise you can still think about notices on which you look for your wedding ring with a meaningful photo and your telephone number. With such an emblematic item, it is likely that most finders will be honest.

... if you lost the wedding ring in a public place

On the one hand, you can walk the paths you took after you last saw the wedding ring. Friends or family members who can understand your need will certainly be happy to support you in your search. It is also absolutely advisable to initiate your partner, because four eyes always see more than two. The second way to find a ring again is to run search ads. Trust that the finder would contact you. Often times, people who happen to spot wedding rings place advertisements on their own initiative. Careful study of daily newspapers or online portals can also lead to success. Finally, it is always worth asking in lost property offices or public facilities, such as a tourist information office. If you've lost your ring in a shopping center or department store, the employees there are of course the first point of contact. Asking does not cost anything and may still lead to success. If your hope is not fulfilled, then maybe the ...

Professional search for the wedding ring

If their own search for the wedding ring fails, then many already despair. But there is support from professional searchers in this case: If you have lost your wedding ring, you can rent a metal detector yourself or hire a contract seeker. These people now offer their services in every major city. Even in regions where rings are often lost, for example on the Baltic Sea, professional helpers keep going on their own. Often there is no fixed payment for them, but you decide for yourself what it is worth to find your ring again. The searchers will search the area you have defined with their metal detector and will often find what they are looking for thanks to this tool. Such a search is particularly suitable if your piece of jewelry, for example has sunk in a lake or submerged in the sand of a playground. If you are sure where to look, the chances of success are very high.

The ring is gone, now what?

But what can you do now if the wedding ring is lost in the long term? Let's assume that you have already waited a certain amount of time to see whether your beloved piece of jewelry reappears. This makes perfect sense so that you don't end up with two rings - although some people could probably imagine worse. But if you are really sure that your original wedding ring will not reappear, then it is imperative to speak to your partner first, if you have not already done so. Secretly getting a replacement ring instead is not a good alternative. As already mentioned, your husband or wife can also assist you in this difficult situation. The first anger at the loss will pass and you will have a confidante

In addition to the emotional loss, a ring is of course always a valuable piece of jewelry. If you've lost your wedding ring, you're probably wondering whether insurance will cover this damage. If you have household contents insurance, then you should carefully read through the individual clauses that are a condition for the insured event. Some insurance companies cover the loss of the wedding ring, but this is very rare. Especially old household contents contracts rarely have a clause that also insures this case. The value of your ring is also decisive in this case: the sum insured is often limited to 10,000 euros, for example. So it is worth taking a closer look if you are hoping for help from your home insurance if the wedding ring is lost. But no matter whether you get the material value reimbursed or not, unfortunately the symbol for your love often remains gone. In such a case, however, you shouldn't immediately despair. You can have the ring that is lost copied at any time:

Have wedding rings made individually

If you want your original ring back, then nothing is more obvious than simply having it copied. With the help of our Configurator you can create a twin of your wedding ring at AURONIA, which will certainly awaken the old feelings in you. For the creation of such a single wedding ring, for example in gold, you can either recreate the exact stone setting, the material and all other details from memory. Or if your partner has a very similar ring, you can use their model as a template. Perhaps you can also use a photo of the rings, for example from your wedding. Should you be in the AURONIA online shop anywayhave ordered, we can provide you with an exact copy of your wonderful ring without you having to make a design. If you need help creating your new ring, you can always contact our service team. We are pleased to help you.

New rings for a grown love

Of course, losing the wedding ring is painful. But some couples also reverse this experience and make themselves happy: they simply order two new, extraordinary wedding rings cheaply and individually according to their taste. Because sometimes it is simply time for a completely new model because your relationship may have changed or, for example, both partners would now prefer to switch to rose gold instead of a wedding ring in 585 gold . It even happens that one of the spouses decides on a different material when re-ordering because they have found over the years that they would prefer a single wedding ring made of platinum instead of  white gold, for examplewould have. That speaks for the individuality of the partners and is no longer unusual these days. The association between the two pieces of jewelery can also be expressed in other details such as the design, the diamond trimmings or simply a coherent engraving.

Our tip: Diamond engraving is free at AURONIA .

Like the original - a single wedding ring as an exact copy

Regardless of whether it is a simple wedding ring made of gold, platinum, palladium or silver or an elaborately designed piece of jewelry, our wedding rings are all available individually online So you don't have to worry about whether you will ever find your model again. Thanks to the configurator,you can easily design inexpensive rings yourself - true to the original. Every stone setting, every joint and of course your engraving can be based on your original wedding ring.

It is of course sad when a wedding ring is lost, but since you can easily have it copied, there is no reason to plunge into deep grief. Rather, your common happiness will continue to bloom as before and you will simply receive a new symbol for your grown love. semi formal dresses

Wedding ring was stolen

If you are sure that your ring has been stolen, you should definitely go to the local police and report it. Immediately inform the hotel management if you have been robbed in the hotel, and also inform your tour operator. It is best to prepare yourself well by taking a description of the ring or, even better, a photo. If you still have the bill, bring it with you. You should also be able to provide precise information about the course of events. The police will ask you about the location, the time and also about any observations or witnesses. Get a written, stamped confirmation of the report from the police. Maybe your insurance will at least pay for the material damage. Above all, it is important that you report the theft as soon as possible.