The perfect wedding proposal

Ideas for the moment that lasts forever 
The marriage proposal is a very special moment in every respect, because with the “yes” of the adored, both sides promise to enter into the covenant of marriage. Many couples cannot remember the details of their wedding later, but they never forget this moment for two.
But how do you design the perfect application? What are the ingredients for the most romantic question in the world? And what do I have to pay attention to when choosing the engagement ring? We have put together the most important tips for you.

What is the meaning of an engagement?

After the wedding proposal, the engagement time begins. The two partners are planning their wedding and many lovers will use this period primarily to organize their celebration and to register with the registry office. Formally speaking, an engagement as a legal contract is not binding. In the event of a deprivation of liability, however, claims for damages can be made. There are no legal regulations on how long an engagement must last. It usually varies between several months and a year. 80% of all wedding couples choose this. In the past, this time frame was set socially, but today, some are allowed more time - that's entirely up to the fiancee.
Incidentally, an engagement can also come about automatically if you simply register at the registry office. This is the official, less romantic part. But if it should be an application beforehand, it is no longer necessary for the man to have to ask the woman. After decades of emancipation, the most important of all questions can also be asked by the female relationship part.

The right time for an engagement

Basically, no one outside can know when the right time for an engagement between two lovers has come. It is ideal, of course, if you have already spoken to your partner about marriage, because this way you can be sure that you know each other's wishes and expectations. It is also advisable that the two partners have known each other long enough and may have lived together for a while. Because this is the best way to estimate whether you really want to spend your life together.
Otherwise, when choosing the engagement day, you should make sure that it does not coincide with another holiday. Some lovers find overlaps between their own birthdays and the engagement beautiful, others prefer to celebrate twice. An anniversary that you have in common is also ideal, for example the day you first met. By choosing this special date, you show your partner how much he means to you. Such symbolic gestures are irreplaceable for an application.

The perfect place for your marriage proposal

Of course you don't ask someone somewhere if he or she wants to marry you. The choice of location can tell a lot about your relationship and give your partner the feeling that you know him particularly well.
If you want to make a very classic wedding proposal, you should plan it at home or in the restaurant. Within your own four walls, you have every opportunity to prepare this moment in peace. Maybe you take a day off and decorate the apartment romantically or you cook your partner's favorite food, you put on nice music and dress up festively. Even in a candlelit restaurant, the most important of all questions is happy to be asked. Either way, this variant of the application creates a relaxed atmosphere and gives your partner the feeling that you would like to enjoy this intimate moment with him alone.


Of course, places for a marriage proposal that connect you both are ideal. For example, the place of your first kiss would tell a piece of your shared story and remind your partner of the many other moments together. A reunion with a vacation destination that you both really liked, or a place that exactly matches your partner's imagination can be a wonderful choice. If, for example, your girlfriend or boyfriend has been talking about for years that she absolutely wants to get the application on a jetty into the water, she will certainly be touched if you take her to such a place and it is decorated with rose petals, for example. Because then she senses what you are up to and at the same time realizes that you have listened well.


An engagement proposal can of course also be staged very spectacularly. This is always a type question and should suit your partner. If both of you are very adventurous, why not ask the question during a bungee jump or plan a wedding proposal on the Zugspitze? Ultimately, there are no limits to your imagination. Large dance choreographies with the entire circle of friends or a self-made love film that ends with “Do you want to marry me?” Are also possible. The focus here is on the creative idea and the excitement that the moment creates when in doubt.


Marriage proposals can be mysterious if the question is not asked itself, but is delivered in the form of a message without a sender. Most of the time, the intended person is surprised at first and does not believe that the application is for her. For example, the future bride could read the engagement question in a field or find it as a sign in the branches of a tree. To do this, simply paint the individual words of your question (four signs: "Do you want to marry me?") Simply with weatherproof paint on different pieces of wood and hang them on the top of a tree. Until the dissolution your future wife does not know that the application is for her. Often advertising posters are also rented, which are on the daily route of the loved ones, or an airplane carries the banner with your application across the sky, while you happen to be sitting on a flower meadow underneath. With this choice of location, the moment of dissolution is of course the most beautiful at best.
In this video , a man gave his loved ones a homemade necklace, in which he had an engagement ring hidden. However, he only revealed the secret to her after a year.


If you are absolutely certain that your partner will say "yes", you can also make the engagement proposal public. But always consider the embarrassment when you should actually find rejection. Again, big, public gestures are not for everyone - others appreciate them as a sign of great love. The classic public proposals are those on the screen of football stadiums. Sometimes spontaneity also means that many strangers are present: For example, when a man falls on his knees in front of his girlfriend in the subway. There are always applications for cinema screens or even in front of cameras. The effect can be great, because at this moment many people share the emotions with you - but the danger of humiliation remains.

The magic of the right atmosphere

If you are looking for ideas for your wedding proposal, you should make sure that you create the right atmosphere. Some ingredients can help you with this


You cannot create romance, it arises. But you can help a little bit with their creation. It is part of an engagement proposal that you deal with what your partner would find romantic. Of course there are the classic visual stimuli such as candlelight, romantic decoration (hearts and flowers), a beautiful ring and a special outfit. Depending on the location of your application, you can vary these atmospheric ingredients and, for example, let a sunset speak for you.

In love with detail

However, it becomes particularly romantic when individual ideas round off the planning. Try to remember which objects symbolize your relationship. A homemade elephant made of paper can be just as romantic as a decoration with an old wooden boat - with a little imagination everyone can imagine the love story behind it. This attention to detail ultimately turns your application into a distinctive experience.

For the senses

Even if you always have to think of decorations and light when it comes to romance, all other sensory impressions also belong to a perfect atmosphere for the wedding proposal. Be sure to think of the right music, because it sometimes says more than a thousand words. Special smells can also be deeply imprinted in your memory, so that you always have to think about your common happiness later, if you smell hay for example. The same goes for the taste of something. It is not without reason that many applicants hide the engagement ring in sweet tarts. Of course, sparkling wine can also round off the festive mood among the two of you.

The wording of the marriage proposal

First things first: there are no irrefutable rules on how to formulate a marriage proposal. There is actually only one, namely that your partner should understand you. As is well known, this can sometimes be done without words. You can also just fall on your knees and present the ring. Sometimes, however, it is just the few words that can still be brought over the trembling lips that are memorized forever.
The classic question is: "Do you want to marry me?" But it is wonderful if you send a few words ahead of this question when applying for an engagement. It doesn't have to be a long or memorized text to convince your loved one. Simply use the following questions to consider:
  • Since when do you know each other?
  • What have you experienced together?
  • Why do you want to spend your life with him or her?
You can also formulate these words spontaneously. The main thing is that you know what you want to say about, otherwise the excitement might otherwise put a spanner in the works.

History and meaning of the application ring

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend" sang Marilyn Monroe in the 60s and little has changed in relation to the engagement ring. Otherwise, the world of engagement rings has been turned upside down in Germany in recent decades:
Twenty years ago, engagement rings were traditionally understood to be a pair of rings. Each partner carried his on his left hand. Most of them were made of stainless steel or silver. On the other hand, it is quite common nowadays that there is only one engagement ring (for the woman, in this case). This tradition was adopted from the Anglo-Saxon area and is spreading more and more with us.
Originally, the application ring was considered a sign of prosperity. The future groom had to prove with a corresponding ring that he can also take care of his bride after marriage. At the same time, it was not made of the even higher quality material gold, because it should symbolize the promise of future marriage, but should not be confused with the wedding ring . Traditionally, the engagement ring is adorned with a diamond. This cut stone makes the ring the unique solitaire ring that many women have wanted since Tiffany & Co. first designed it in 1886.
Since this valuable piece of jewelry is mostly too good to keep as a memento, an application ring is sometimes carried on the left hand after the wedding. That is why it is all the more important to choose the variant for the engagement ring that the loved one will be happy to wear for many years to come.

Choosing the right application ring

The classic engagement ring is a ring set with a diamond. You will find a large selection in our shop. A diamond is chosen because this material is the hardest in the world and thus symbolizes a long, solid marriage. Future happiness should also be made to shine with the noble brilliant cut of the stone.
Of course, AURONIA also has numerous rings with zirconia stones that will sparkle your application ring. When making your selection, always consider how your partner would decide. Rings are an expression of mutual love, but also of individual personality. That is why we offer the right engagement ring for every woman that opens her heart to your proposal.

Checklist - what you should think about when making your wedding proposal

So that you don't forget anything on the crucial day, we have put together the important organizational points for a wedding proposal again:
  1. Choosing a locationMost of the time, it is not enough to think about where you want to apply for the engagement. So remember in time to reserve your location, book your poster, order the cinema tickets, etc. 
  1. Buydecoration Decoration creates atmosphere. No matter where you want to ask your partner, remember that everything is prepared (candles, sparkling wine, petals).
  1. Choosing musicEither you put on your favorite music together or you ask the restaurant to play a song at the right moment, for example.
  1. Laying Words RightFor many lovers, this is the most delicate task. But just try to stay relaxed and listen to what you really have to say.
  1. Inaugurating knowledgeable peopleThere are always some knowledgeable people who have to keep tight. If, for example, you have to make arrangements with friends or colleagues, do it in good time.
  1. Do not reveal anythingApplications are most beautiful if they remain a surprise. Therefore, your nervousness curbs and makes sure that no bills etc. reveal you beforehand. At AURONIA we make sure that our rings are delivered in discreet packaging so that your secret is safe until the day of the engagement request.
  1. Don't forget ringNo application without ring. You should take good care of him, because you keep hearing about lost or misplaced treasures.
  1. Take a deep breath!
  1. Ask!
If you are very excited, always keep in mind that not much can go wrong. Most partners do not expect perfection in their marriage proposal. What everyone expects, on the other hand, is the feeling that they have found the one person who loves them as they are. If you can convey this with your application and your engagement ring, then nothing stands in the way of happiness in marriage. semi formal dress