The perfect wedding proposal

 Ideas for the moment that will 

last forever The marriage proposal is a very special moment in every relationship, because with the "yes" of the loved one, both sides promise to enter into the covenant of marriage. Many couples later cannot remember exactly the details of their wedding, but they never forget that moment for two.

But how do you design the perfect proposal? What are the ingredients for the world's most romantic question? And what do I have to look out for when choosing an engagement ring? We have put together the most important tips for you.

What is the meaning of an engagement?

The engagement period begins after the wedding proposal. The two partners are planning their wedding and many lovers use this period mainly to organize their celebration and to register at the registry office. From a formal point of view, engagement as a legal contract is not binding. In the event of an announcement, however, claims for damages may be made. There are no legal regulations on how long an engagement must last. It usually varies between several months and a year. 80% of all wedding couples make this decision. In the past, this time frame was set by society, but today some people take more time - that is entirely up to the fiancé.

By the way, an engagement can also come about automatically if you simply register at the registry office. That's the official, less romantic part. But if it is supposed to be an application beforehand, it is no longer necessary that the man has to ask the woman. After decades of emancipation, the most important of all questions can also be asked by the female part of the relationship.

The right time to get engaged

Basically, nobody outside can know when the time is right for two lovers to be engaged. It is of course ideal if you have already spoken to your partner about marriage, because this way you can be sure that you know the wishes and expectations of the other. It is also advisable that the two partners have known each other long enough and may have lived together for a while. Because that's the best way to judge whether you really want to spend your life together.

Otherwise, when choosing the engagement day, you should make sure that it does not coincide with another holiday. Some lovers find the overlap between their own birthdays and engagement nice, others prefer to celebrate twice. An anniversary that you have together is also ideal, e.g. the day you first met. By choosing this special date, you are showing your partner how much they mean to you. Such symbolic gestures are irreplaceable for a proposal.

The perfect place for your marriage proposal

Of course you don't ask someone somewhere if he or she wants to marry you. The choice of location in particular can say a lot about your relationship and also give your partner the feeling that you know him particularly well.

If you want to make a very classic wedding proposal, you should plan it at home or in a restaurant. In your own four walls you have every opportunity to prepare this moment in peace. Maybe you take a day off and decorate the apartment romantically or you cook your partner's favorite meal, you put on nice music and get dressed. Even in a restaurant by candlelight, the most important question is often asked. Either way, this variant of the application ensures a relaxed atmosphere and gives your partner the feeling that you would like to enjoy this intimate moment with him alone.


Of course, places are ideal for a marriage proposal, which connects the two of you. For example, the place of your first kiss would tell a piece of your common story and remind your partner of the many other moments together. A reunion with a vacation destination that both of you once really liked, or a place that exactly corresponds to a fantasy of your partner, can also be a wonderful choice. If your girlfriend or boyfriend has been talking for years about the fact that she absolutely wants to get the application on a jetty into the water, she will certainly be touched if you take her to such a place and it is decorated with rose petals, for example. Because then she already suspects what you are up to and at the same time realizes that you have listened carefully.


An engagement proposal can of course also be staged in a very spectacular way. This is always a question of type and should suit your partner. If you are both very adventurous, why not ask the question while bungee jumping or planning a wedding proposal on the Zugspitze? Ultimately, there are no limits to the imagination. Large dance choreographies with the whole circle of friends or a self-produced love film that ends with “Do you want to marry me?” Are also possible. The focus here is on the creative idea and the excitement that the moment creates in case of doubt.


Marriage proposals can be mysterious if the question is not asked yourself, but is delivered in the form of a message without a sender. Most of the time, the person who is meant is initially surprised and does not believe that the proposal is for them. For example, the future bride could read the engagement question in a field or find it as signs in the branches of a tree. To do this, you simply paint the individual words of your question (four signs: “Do you want to marry me?”) With weatherproof paint on various pieces of wood and hang them on the top of a tree. Until the dissolution, your future woman does not know that the application is valid for her. Advertising posters are often rented, which are on the daily route of the loved ones, or an airplane carries the banner with your request across the sky, while you happen to be sitting underneath in a flower meadow. With this choice of location, in the best case, the moment of dissolution is of course the most beautiful.

In this video , a man gave his loved one a self-made necklace with an engagement ring hidden in it. However, he only revealed the secret to her after a year.


If you are quite sure that your partner will say “Yes”, you can also make the engagement application public. But always consider the embarrassment if you should actually encounter rejection. Here, too, it is true that large, public gestures are not for everyone - others, on the other hand, value them as a sign of great love. The classics among the public proposals are those on the screen of football stadiums. Sometimes spontaneity also means that many strangers are present: For example, when a man kneels in front of his girlfriend in the subway. There are also applications on cinema screens or even in front of the cameras. The effect can be great, because many people share the emotions with you at this moment - but the danger of humiliation remains.

The magic of the right atmosphere

If you are looking for ideas for your wedding proposal, you should make sure that you create the right atmosphere. Some ingredients can help you with this


You cannot create romance, it arises. But you can help a little with their creation. Part of an engagement proposal is that you concern yourself with what your partner would find romantic. Of course there are the classic visual stimuli such as candlelight, romantic decorations (hearts and flowers), a beautiful ring and a special outfit. Depending on the place of your application, you can vary these atmospheric ingredients and, for example, let a sunset do the talking for you.

In love with detail

But it becomes particularly romantic when individual ideas round off the planning. Try to remember which objects are symbolic of your relationship. A self-made paper elephant can be just as romantic as a decoration with an old wooden boat - with a little imagination, anyone can imagine the love story behind it. This attention to detail makes your application a unique experience in the end.

For the senses

Even if you always have to think of decorations and light with romance, all other sensory impressions also belong to a perfect atmosphere for the wedding proposal. Make sure you think about the right music, because sometimes it says more than a thousand words. Special smells can also be deeply imprinted in the memory, so that later you always have to think about your happiness together, if you smell hay, for example. The same goes for the taste of something. It is not without reason that many applicants hide the engagement ring in sweet tartlets. Of course, sparkling wine can also round off the festive mood between you two.

The formulation of the marriage proposal

First of all, the most important thing: There are no irrefutable rules on how to formulate a marriage proposal. Actually there is only one thing, namely that your partner should understand you. It is well known that this sometimes works without words. You can also just drop on your knees and present the ring. Sometimes, however, it is precisely the few words that you can still bring to the trembling lips that are forever remembered.

The classic question is: "Do you want to marry me?" But it is wonderful if you send a few words ahead of this question when you apply for engagement. It doesn't have to be a long or memorized text that should convince your loved one. Simply use the following questions to help you think about it:

  • Since when do you know each other?
  • What have you already experienced together?
  • Why do you want to spend your life with him or her?

You can also formulate these words spontaneously. The main thing is that you know what you are about to say, otherwise the excitement might thwart your plans.

History and meaning of the application ring

Marilyn Monroe sang “Diamonds are a girl's best friend” in the 1960s and that has not changed much with regard to the engagement ring. Otherwise the world of engagement rings has been turned upside down in Germany in the last few decades:

Twenty years ago, engagement rings were classically understood as a pair of rings. Each partner carried his own on his left hand. Mostly these were made of stainless steel or silver. In contrast, it is quite common these days that there is only one engagement ring (for the woman, in this case). This tradition was adopted from the Anglo-Saxon region and is spreading more and more in our country.

Originally, the application ring was a symbol of prosperity. The future bridegroom therefore had to prove with an appropriate ring that he could take care of his bride after the marriage. At the same time, it was not made of the even higher quality material gold, because it was supposed to symbolize the promise of future marriage, but not to be confused with the wedding ring  . The engagement ring is traditionally adorned with a diamond. This cut stone makes the ring into the unique solitaire ring that many women have wanted since Tiffany & Co. first designed it in 1886.

Since this valuable piece of jewelry is usually too good to just keep as a memento, a proposal ring is sometimes worn on the left hand after the wedding. That is why it is all the more important when choosing the engagement ring to choose the variant that the beloved will still be happy to wear for many years to come.

Choosing the right application ring

The classic engagement ring is a ring set with a diamond. You will find a large selection in our shop. A diamond is chosen because this material is the hardest in the world and thus symbolizes a long, solid marriage. Future happiness should also be made to shine through the noble brilliant cut of the stone.

Of course, AURONIA also has numerous rings with zirconia stones that make your proposal ring sparkle. When making your selection, always consider how your partner would decide. Rings are an expression of mutual love, but also of individual personality. That is why we offer the right engagement ring for every woman, which opens her heart to your proposal.

Checklist - what to think about when making your wedding proposal

So that you don't forget anything on the crucial day, we have put together the important organizational points for a wedding proposal:

  1. Choosing a location
    Most of the time it is not enough to think about where to make the engagement proposal. So remember to reserve your location in good time, book your poster, order the cinema tickets, etc.
  1. Buy
    decoration Decoration conjures up atmosphere. No matter where you want to ask your partner, remember that everything is ready (candles, champagne, flower petals).
  1. Choosing music
    Either you put on your favorite music together or you ask the restaurant, for example, to play a corresponding song at the right moment.
  1. Arranging words
    This is the most delicate task for many lovers. But just try to relax and listen to what you really have to say.
  1. Initiating confidants
    There are always some confidants who have to keep tight. If you have to make arrangements with friends or work colleagues, for example, do so in good time.
  1. Don't reveal anything Proposals
    are best if they remain a surprise. Therefore, curb your nervousness and make sure that you do not reveal any bills etc. beforehand. At AURONIA we make sure that our rings are delivered in discreet packaging, so that your secret is safe until the day you apply for engagement.
  1. Don't forget
    your ring No proposal without a ring. You should take good care of him, because one hears again and again about lost treasures or misplaced treasures.
  1. Take a deep breath Take
  1. Ask!

If you are very excited, always keep in mind that not much can go wrong. Most partners do not expect perfection when proposing marriage. What everyone expects, on the other hand, is the feeling that they have found the one person who loves them for who they are. If you can convey that with your proposal and your engagement ring, then nothing stands in the way of marriage happiness. semi formal dress


How much does a wedding cost and at what points can you save?

The most beautiful day in life not only has to be well planned, but also financially calculated in advance. Because couples often don't know exactly what costs they will have to pay for a wedding. What sum can a couple in love count on to celebrate this occasion properly? In 2015, an average of € 5,500 was spent on the day of the wedding in Germany; in 2016, this number rose to an average of € 6,072. This information includes the registry office and wedding reception - honeymoons, stag or hen parties are not included in these calculations.
The best way to get an overview of your own wedding expenses is to start by thinking about how you want to celebrate. The numbers only become realistic with concrete ideas. Therefore, it is particularly important that you know what you want. In any case, compromises have to be made for the final planning. We give you all the information you need to estimate the cost of your wedding. If you plan cleverly and calculate well, you can always save on some factors.

The main cost factors of a wedding

What should be your first steps when planning the cost of your wedding?

Think about what budget you have available

If you can say factually how much money you actually have available, you will quickly say goodbye to unnecessary reverie. Of course, a wedding is currently living on the dream dreams come true - but a realistic budget helps you to recognize what you can do without and where you want to set your priorities. Therefore, the consideration is: How much can the wedding cost at most, quite wise, because you already know your absolute maximum.

How exactly do you imagine your celebration?

Wedding expenses can vary widely. They depend on how and where you get married. Therefore, you should consider early in the question of the framework in which you want to celebrate. Only at the registry office? Or with a big family celebration? Maybe even abroad? Or in the closest circle of your loved ones?

Consider certain time factors

For the cost of a wedding, it is not irrelevant whether the wedding ceremony and the celebration take place on the same day or whether the civil and ecclesiastical wedding ceremony may be a year or more apart. In the past, couples usually married on a Thursday or Friday to end the festival with the wedding party the next day. In the meantime, the registry offices are often open on Saturdays - however, you may pay higher fees for such an appointment. If you want to separate your church and civil wedding from each other, you often have less stress, but depending on the plan, you also pay significantly more for the two-time catering of guests, etc. It is therefore important that you know in advance how you want to schedule your wedding .

Creates a preliminary guest list

The great advantage of a preliminary guest list is that you can finally count on concrete figures. You can see estimates for specific guest counts in our table below. The closer you get to your actual number of guests, the more accurate your calculation will be. You should generally expect that around 5% of the invited guests will have to cancel for a variety of reasons. However, it makes sense to calculate your wedding expenses once with more or less cancellations.

Are there factors for initial cost estimates?

Of course there are some rules of thumb according to which the wedding costs can be estimated. The big catch with these considerations is that they are based on the average. So if you are planning a particularly expensive wedding or if you have to do it on the other hand with very little budget, then these estimation factors will only help you to a limited extent.

However, it can be assumed that around 50% of all costs for food, drinks, wedding cakes and all other beautiful things that make up a wedding party are spent. As a guideline, one can speak of € 100-150 per person in this case. Below you will find a detailed breakdown of all possible cost factors that should serve as a guide:

Wedding costs according to the number of guests:

The rent for the wedding location

Renting your wedding location is one of the biggest cost variables. You can immediately see that it makes a big difference whether you celebrate in the parish hall of your church or in the small castle on the edge of the forest. The rent can be between 150-2000 € . In Germany, however, the average is less than € 500. If you want to save money, this post is a good option.

Cost of drinks in the restaurant

Drinks and meals are significantly more expensive in the restaurant than in the party service. You don't have to worry about anything and can rely on a well-rehearsed team in case of doubt. Sometimes the disadvantage of catering is that you have to find the waiters yourself. Almost no restaurant likes to bring your own drinks. Therefore, these wedding costs must be inquired in advance at the first conversation in your celebration location. As a guideline you can from 30-60 € per person  going out for drinks. You can often discuss with the organizer which drinks should be included - special requests such as cocktails can then also be bought by the guests. Or you can opt for an additional cocktail bar, in which everything is already paid for and served until your agreed budget is used up.

Beverage costs with party service

If you want to calculate the drinks for a wedding, you should expect 5-10 € per person if you organize the drinks yourself . That means: the service pours them out, but you have to order them yourself beforehand. It can be problematic to think about how much to buy. Ultimately, the drinks (unlike dishes) are not bad - so you can also give away the leftovers. So you'd better buy enough drinks than sit on dry land later. This also applies to the champagne reception : here you can with at least € 1.50 per personcalculate. Of course, there are no upper limits to this number, for example if you want to serve particularly high-quality sparkling wine or offer special snacks.

The cost of a wedding menu

Also the food at the restaurant is much more expensive than from catering. Depending on the location, 30-80 € per person are quite realistic. However, the following also applies here: you will receive the appropriate service and ideally there will be much less left. In any case, it is advisable to inform yourself beforehand about the prices for menus in different restaurants.
Experienced wedding locations always offer the possibility to store the wedding cake somewhere. The sweet temptation costs an average of € 150-350However, it is also possible to have them given by friends or a family member, for example. This saves you the preliminary tasting and other appointments that go along with the planning of the wedding cake. Sometimes there is even an experienced hobby baker among the wedding guests who likes to take on this great effort.

Catering costs for a wedding

The price range for the food in the catering is 20-60 € per person. So you should think carefully beforehand whether choosing a long-term wedding caterer is not a good alternative to the menu. Of course, that also depends on where you celebrate. It will be difficult to do without the menu in a certain restaurant and to use the catering. On the other hand, on a meadow by the lake, in the orchard at home, in a rented hall or in the dance hall of the historic castle, catering is always the first choice.

Cost of the printed matter

The printed matter is everything that is made of paper for a wedding: the invitation, table and thank you cards . You should start from € 1.50-4.50 per person However, this item can quickly become expensive, depending on how much attention you have to detail with your stationery items. For example, if you hire your own graphic artist, you will of course pay significantly more. Newspaper ads, a guest book or church magazines also significantly increase the cost of the printed matter. Then these can also cost up to € 600 , even if you haven't invited 120 guests.

The cost of flower decoration at the wedding

Flowers are part of every wedding. For this special table decoration you have to expect 100-500 € . However, it can quickly become expensive if men's pins or flower decorations for the church and the car are added. Then the costs are over € 500and of course there are no upper limits to these prices, for example if you are celebrating a flower wedding, where a lot of floral elements will appear due to the motto. It is difficult to save on this cost item because fresh flowers usually have their price. Exceptions are self-made bouquets of cornflowers for the tables, but you should definitely hand this task over to someone. Otherwise you save money, but are stressed unnecessarily by the additional work on your wedding day.

Cost regardless of the number of guests

The cost of the bridal outfit

The bride's equipment consists of the wedding dress, shoes, accessories and the bridal bouquet. The cost of a bridal bouquet is 30-60 € , depending on the size and type of flower Depending on how voluminous or striking your dress is, you should also adjust the size of the bridal bouquet. What does a wedding dress cost ? Basically, you should expect at least € 600 . However, there are now also very nice second-hand clothes on the usual Internet exchanges. It simply says: get lucky and strike in time. Together with the bridal shoes and the bag, the bride's outfit can easily total 600-2000 €to reach. If you want to save money or would like to continue the family tradition, you can also have the wedding dress or individual accessories sewn by mother or grandmother. As with the wedding dress itself, it should be noted that changes to the professional tailor also cost money.

Schedule a DJ / band for the wedding

The price range for DJs starts at € 400 on the wedding evening An entire band or a more popular DJ is of course more expensive (note that this is often booked well in advance). You should see for yourself whether it is worth saving at this cost point. Music is crucial to the atmosphere of a celebration and it is not necessarily advisable to choose the cheapest DJ for cost reasons. In any case , the price for entertainment by a DJ, solo entertainer or a band is between € 400 and € 1200 .

Cost for a professional wedding photographer

Who would want to do without taking pictures of the most beautiful day of their lives? The best thing of course is a wedding photographer, who you can hire for € 400-1200 . Sometimes additional hand cameras are added to the guest tables. So every guest can try himself as a photographer. However, these snapshots are not a real replacement for a photographer. Think about how important good shots are to you. Some couples just keep the pictures of that day in their memory forever.

The cost of groom's equipment

In the confusion of wedding planning, it is sometimes forgotten that the groom also needs something to wear. Ideally, of course, color-coordinated with his better half. The groom's wedding attire tends to be a little cheaper than the bride's: 400-1200 € is a realistic guideline. In addition to the suit, it is often the men's shoes that are particularly important. You can also save on these items with second-hand parts or you can buy a pair of wedding shoes, for example, which the groom will be happy to wear again and again after the big day.

Cost of the wedding rings

The price for wedding rings can vary between € 300-5000 per ring . This strong fluctuation is explained by the fact that wedding rings can have very different designs and materials. Depending on whether you choose 925 silver rings or 950 platinum rings, you should calculate with different costs. The stone trim can also have a decisive influence on the price. In our  wedding ring configuratory you can create a variety of ring models, see the price changes live and think about which one suits you and your partner best. Since you will carry these pieces of jewelry with you for the rest of your life, it makes sense to think carefully about what your perfect wedding rings look like and what precious metal they should be made of.

Allow for make-up & styling

The bride and groom want to shine naturally on the wedding day. There are appointments with the hairdresser and make-up specialists before the wedding. Depending on the styling experts, these embellishments cost between € 80-250 . Many hairdressers offer trial appointments where the later hairstyling can be tried out. It is definitely worth it so that you know what you are getting.

Include hidden wedding expenses

Some costs for a wedding are quite obvious, such as the rent for the location. Others sometimes only notice couples when it's too late. So here is our list of hidden wedding expenses, which you should definitely include:

Costs for the registry office

Depending on the state in which you are getting married, the cost of the ceremony may vary. They are 50-150 € for formalities and documents. If you conduct your civil wedding separately from the actual celebration, then you can expect around 800 € as a guideline for equipment, styling, flower arrangements, food and fees .

Costs for the church wedding

Surprising for some newlyweds: the churches also charge fees for a wedding ceremony. You should expect around € 50-150 for the ceremony . Usually the organist or other musical accompaniment is already included in this sum. In any case, you should discuss with the pastor exactly what costs you will have to pay.

Overtime of service providers

Another hidden cost point is the possible overtime of your service providers. It starts with the service staff and ends with your wedding photographer, the DJ or the whole band. It is best to make precise arrangements for such eventualities. Sometimes overtime is significantly more expensive than regular scheduled hours and therefore unnecessarily hits the budget.

Tailor changes

No wedding dress and the rarest suits fit perfectly when they are bought off the shelf. Therefore, it is advisable to expect certain costs for the change tailor. Afterwards you will be glad that you have planned these small expenses additionally, because a correct seat also guarantees that you feel comfortable.

Postage fees for invitation and thank you cards

It is often forgotten that the beautiful cards also have to be sent. Therefore, think carefully beforehand how many letters you have to send and calculate an approximate value with which you can calculate.

Dance course costs

Couples often take a dance class together before the wedding celebration to really shine at the wedding dance. These costs also count towards the wedding calculation. You should expect around € 100-200 for a quick course. As an alternative, there are Internet videos or relatives with strong nerves.

Wedding car or carriage

A dream for many, but also a cost point for many that has to give way in the end: your own wedding carriage or classic car. As a rental fee, you should expect 300-600 € . Sometimes the self-decorated mini-van der Freunde is a good consolation solution.
More tips on how to find the right wedding car.

A wedding planner for the perfect wedding

A wedding planner can keep all the unnecessary stress away from a couple so that the bride and groom can concentrate on the most beautiful aspects of the wedding celebration. Of course, this also has its price: The costs for a wedding planner depend on the total budget of the wedding . They are 5-15% . So if you are planning a wedding with a total cost of € 15,000, his salary for planning would be around € 1500-2250.

How can we save costs at our wedding?

If you want to relieve your budget a little, then it is worthwhile to note a few points:

If you plan perfectly, you also minimize the budget

You should always calculate everything very precisely, because then you have a precise idea of ​​the costs and end up with no unpleasant surprises. If you have to say goodbye to some of your dreams for cost reasons, this also helps: think carefully about how important these factors are to you. It is best to make a list in which you set clear priorities. For example: wedding menu - very important that it is of high quality, decoration - can also be more economical, music - should absolutely be available, carriage - can also be omitted in an emergency. Categories like "must be", "maybe", "if possible" or "desirable" help you to recognize what you want.

Compare prices from wedding service providers

The price ranges are sometimes very different even with similar offers. Therefore it is highly recommended to compare between different service providers. This applies to wedding catering, wedding rings as well as to photographers, DJs or service personnel. The most expensive provider is not always the best. Sometimes you can refer to testimonials from friends or acquaintances. Sometimes it helps to get an idea of ​​yourself during a rehearsal dinner or a (unannounced) visit to the desired restaurant.

Location private instead of booked

The location is one of the biggest cost factors for a wedding. So if you privately have the opportunity to rent a room or garden or have it made available as a wedding gift, you should definitely strike. Questions don't cost anything in this case. So if you can imagine, for example, celebrating in your friends' garden shed, just ask them. Of course, you should also expect that your wish will not come true.

Save on decoration costs

Decoration is a good way to save. With hand-picked bouquets as well as hand-made place cards, self-hung balloons or lovingly cut hearts - there are no limits to your imagination. However, you should only leave this task to people who you really trust in terms of taste. Then a self-made decoration can give a wedding party a very special charm.

How much does a wedding cost in total?

The wedding cost mainly depends on how and where you celebrate. Overall, you should assume that a celebration in Germany costs an average of between € 5,000-20,000 . You can use the table below to calculate exactly which benchmarks you should deal with, depending on the number of people. It is crucial, however, that you plan a certain buffer zone for this previous calculation. Not only can the hidden costs increase the budget afterwards, sometimes the wedding is more expensive than planned, without forgetting a cost factor in the calculation. So it is wise to always assume that you end up paying more than calculated. So you will not experience a bad awakening after a wonderful wedding night. cheap formal dresses


Everything about free marriage

Free wedding ceremonies are on the rise. Individual, personal, emotional and beautiful - this is how a wedding ceremony should ideally look. In some cases, the celebration in the registry office is rather factual. It is seldom that the bride and groom are addressed in detail in the speech, instead they are rather general. A romantic wedding looks different for many couples. You want a little more empathy for love.
It is true of the church wedding, at which many couples give their yes again, at which the wedding ceremony is also solemn. But here too it is mainly about love for God, which binds two people together and so the wedding ceremony often only has a few individual and personal features.
Especially couples who have left the church or are of the same sex, who belong to different religions or who simply want a very personal wedding ceremony are best advised with a free wedding ceremony. The free wedding is an optimal alternative to the church wedding, because here the bride and groom can contribute individually.
All wishes can be fulfilled. No place is too far, no wish too big and no address too individual. The ceremony is aimed precisely at the bride and groom and so celebrations can be celebrated in a relaxed atmosphere. Today we will tell you what you need to know about the free wedding, how it differs from other weddings and what costs you will have to pay.

What is a free wedding ceremony?

A free wedding takes place without the state and without the church. It is a wedding ceremony that is not bound by conventions, beliefs or official regulations. A free wedding can take place after the civil wedding to bring a little solemnity into play.
It is generally the case that every married couple has to go to the registry office, say yes in front of the registrar, and thus enter into a legal marriage or partnership. You are officially married to it. Since the civil wedding is sometimes quite sober and bureaucratic, many couples would like to have a party afterwards in order to be able to enjoy the day.
Many couples switch to the church and celebrate their partnership there. Here, according to the old tradition, yes is said before God. There is floral decoration, wedding dress, candles, speeches, marching in music, Christian rituals, ring changes and a kiss - the full program, if you want it to be.
However, if one or both of the partners have left the church, are of the same sex, one of the two belongs to a different religion or they simply do not believe in the church wedding, they leave the church celebration outside. Here the free wedding comes to the fore, which can be designed the way you want it.
So the free wedding is much more than just saying yes. It is free from coercion, convention and belief and is therefore feasible for everyone. Everyone can do it, can get personal advice in advance, so that the day becomes something very special. Everything is tailored to the couple as they want it to be.

Do I have to leave church to get a free wedding ceremony?

No, absolutely not. The free wedding is open to everyone who is interested in it. People who are in the church, who belong to another religion or who love themselves of the same sex can also celebrate a free wedding. It can be held regardless of belief or religion. To what extent a religion or belief plays a role is up to you, because you can decide for yourself what the speech is about, what speeches should be given and how the whole process is determined. You do not have to bow to any regulations and you have neither left the Church nor be a member of the Church in order to be married freely.

Why should you choose a free wedding?

The reason is very simple: you can determine how the whole celebration goes. Couples, in whom one or both of them have been married, opt for the free wedding. The same applies to couples in whom only one or neither believes. There are also couples who belong to a religious community, but only go to church at Christmas and Easter and have little to do with it. Those who feel out of place in the church, who are reluctant to go there or who are simply not allowed to do so - precisely these people are the target of the free wedding ceremony.
Couples of the same sex, in particular, take part in free marriages because they cannot stand in front of the altar in the Catholic Church. Those who want to marry in church and are Protestant could be more lucky, but that is also very rarely the case.
Many couples also shy away from attention. Therefore, you do not want to get married "in public" in the church and therefore rather celebrate in a small frame with loved ones in a personal, individual, free wedding.
So if you don't want to get married in the church for any of these reasons, you can opt for the free wedding ceremony. Also if you want a celebration after the registry office or just want to celebrate your love together.

Where does a free wedding take place?

Couples often choose to hold the free wedding where the later wedding celebration takes place. So the place does not have to be changed and is already nicely decorated.
In the end, you can choose any place in the world to have a free wedding. It is not tied to a time, place, or process and can instead be completely customized.
So if you want to be married freely in sunny Caribbean weather, you can do it just like a moonlight wedding on a mountain, in a romantic rose grove or on a lake shore.
So that there are no disappointments, you should get permission from the city in public places such as in the city park or at monuments or the like. So you are on the safe side.
Would you prefer to get married only in pairs or with the closest confidants in an extraordinary place? Then read everything about the topic of elopemant-wedding in a small group.

What is the procedure for a free wedding?

The free wedding ceremony is completely according to your wishes. There is no fixed process and you can decide everything yourself. It is carried out with the wedding speaker or a freelance theologian, who has previously discussed everything with you individually.
You don't have to follow the rules of the registry office or the rules in the church. Many couples find it nice, however, if the free wedding ceremony still runs according to a few rules, because they too want to officially say yes, admit their love and light the  wedding rings The scope in which this is done is up to you. Just as the order or how the whole thing works.
So that the wedding ceremony really corresponds to the wishes of the couple, you should first sit down with the free theologian or the wedding speaker. You talk about individual wishes, how the wedding should look like and also about what you definitely don't want. Free theologians often specialize in this type of marriage, so you are in good hands with them. They will respond to your wishes and can give you one or the other tip.

For example, what could a free wedding look like?

After a champagne reception, all guests are escorted to their chairs. The soon-to-be husband waits with his best man at the ceremony site. The bride is accompanied forward by her father. He says goodbye with a kiss. The bride sits next to her future.
There is accompanying music on the guitar, someone sings songs before the greeting. Then comes the greeting by the free speaker who addresses the family and friends of the newlyweds. This is followed by the couple's favorite song.
Now the agreed ritual of marriage comes with the exchange of the rings. Before getting to know the couple, how it came to love and how love shows in everyday life.
After the wedding there is another song. Friends tell little stories and anecdotes about the bride and groom and read a suitable text passage from the bride and groom's favorite book.
The goodbye follows. A song leads the bride and groom out of the wedding venue. You stop at the door and let the guests congratulate you there. If you want, you can now host a celebration somewhere else.

Is a free wedding legally binding?

No, a free wedding is not legally binding. The free wedding is just a ceremony to prove love.
You are officially married only after the civil wedding. Conversely, for the free wedding ceremony you do not need documents such as birth certificates in order to assert your love and connection.
If you don't want to formally tie yourself up, a free wedding ceremony is just the thing. It has a symbolic value, but no legal background, so purely love speaks from it.

How do I find a free speaker?

There are many free wedding speakers and theologians. Finding the right one is not that easy. You can recognize him by the fact that an initial consultation costs nothing and he responds to your wishes - right from the start. Pay attention to your gut feeling and find out whether she or he responds to your wishes. A free wedding is not about the ideas of others.
But there are black sheep everywhere, including free speakers and theologians. You have found the right person for yourself if you feel comfortable. Each speaker has its own concept. They all give tips and comments on the celebration, help you with the formal and content design and give their speech as you want it.
A free wedding ceremony lives above all by addressing the free speaker. Not only does he have to create an appealing atmosphere and find the right words, he also has to provide the right music and make the wedding ceremony a pleasant ritual. Groomsmen are also happy to be involved, so that the free wedding ceremony becomes an unforgettable experience.
Two talks should take place in advance. In the first conversation you get to know the speaker, notice whether the chemistry is right or not. The second conversation is about planning. How should the process be, what should be in the foreground, what is the story of the bride and groom, what music should be played? Here you should also be very clear about what you do not want to have in the wedding, because this is the only way to respond to your wishes.

What are the reasons for a free wedding?

The reasons for a free wedding can be as varied as the people themselves. Some marry in a civil registry office, but do not want or cannot marry in church. You still want to have a nice ceremony to celebrate with all relatives, friends and acquaintances and to be able to enjoy the day - with all the trimmings.
In general, free weddings are very personal. They arouse emotions and are very creative when it comes to the yes word. They are also "more" than just the civil wedding, which is more about the signature than about love. They also offer you a great alternative to a church wedding, which can still convince you with rituals and customs if you want to.
The day of the wedding will be remembered for you and your guests, because the free wedding can be authentically and individually tailored to the newlyweds. The free wedding ceremony also offers you a bilingual version, which is not the case in most churches.

What are the costs for a free wedding ceremony?

Many freelance speakers and freelance theologians are self-employed. They are service providers and charge a fee for their work. The cost of a free wedding ceremony depends on the different offers.
You are in good hands with a free speaker who does not ask for money for the first conversation, but first gets involved with the newlyweds. You should ask the money question right at the beginning of the conversation, not that it will be too expensive for you later.
An average price is 500 euros for a speech. But it can also quickly become more if the freelance theologian or speaker offers a musical accompaniment or band or also participates in the catering. All of this should be addressed before booking. semi formal dresses
Incidentally, your booking is only legally binding if you have officially agreed. If you have a strange feeling, you can change the speaker at any time and you are not obliged to do anything.