How to Look and Feel Great on Your Wedding Day

Looking great on your wedding day is important, but what’s even more important is feeling great. Instead of focusing on pounds and inches, today’s From Blogger to Bride is going to focus on how to feel your loveliest and healthiest in time for your wedding. I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely don’t want to feel weak and tired walking down that aisle. Instead, I hope to feel strong, confident, and happy! There are so many posts and guides out there telling us how to lose weight quickly, but that’s not healthy nor is it safe to starve yourself while you’re planning a wedding. If any of you have come across CarlyRowena before, then you know this fitness guru is all about manageable goals and positive life changes. Luckily for us, Carly is here today to share 10 tips on how to stay happy and healthy before and after walking down the aisle.

1 – There’s nothing better than working out with someone you adore and most of my clients find it attractive watching a loved one work up a sweat. Cardio based activities like heading outside for a run, hitting the golf course, going for a swim or just a simple stroll after dinner are surprisingly good for your waist line and your relationship. If you feel like turning it up a notch try a Hot Yoga, Kettlebells or Circuits class together or if you really like to tackle things head on, grab some boxing gloves and take out the days stresses with a couple of rounds, my partner always grab the gloves when feeling frustrated and it always ends with us in fits of laughter as well as sweat.

2 – Before a wedding it’s great to try and keep stresses low so add in a run or walk at the weekend followed by couples yoga to relax, however if your finding the whole wedding experience a breeze take up a challenge like bouldering, climbing or spinning. After the wedding you might need to work off those extra honeymoon pounds so find a local gym you can both go to and invest in having an induction or getting a trainer to show you how to make the most out of your workout.
3 – When it comes to abs it’s all about compound movements, I’ve never done a crunch in my life. Squats, Deadlifts and Pull-ups are some of the best moves you can do as they work your whole body and force your core to work under weight. Another incredible core cruncher is obviously the plank but get creative, lift one arm, one leg or even try planking on top of each other!
(if you don’t know what a deadlift is, check out Carly’s video below)
4 – Food is the biggest way to make positive changes to your body but that doesn’t mean drop your calories to zero and avoid carbs. Aim to eat around 1800 calories a day full of natural, non processed ingredients and up your water to 3litres for better skin and circulation. The best quote to go by, if you can’t kill it or pick it, have less of it.
5 –Healthy and glowing is going to look one million times better on that your wedding day than malnourished and tired so aim to nourish your body. Have 3 – 4 well balanced meals throughout the day with a couple of snacks if you need them, drink lots of water and try to get plenty of sleep. I find apps like MyFitnessPal and Sleep Cycle are great to keep track of how you’re doing.

6 – Having a healthy lifestyle is all about preparation, stick to it for 4 weeks and it becomes a habit. Plan the food shop together and try to do it online as it resists temptation to buy products you don’t need (and keeps the finances in check) plan your meal times and aim to eat together. Healthy food is no longer boring so challenge each other to come up with a new recipe each week, go out to healthier restaurants or even try a cooking class.

7 – Take time out, we all get trapped in the hype around weddings, too much pressure from friends, family members and yourself can destroy your big day, so remember to have a reality check, You’re marrying the one you love, you should be having fun. Remember to make time for date nights, have a blackout evening where you switch out the world, invest in an adult colouring book, a yoga class or even a salsa lesson.
8 – It seems that whenever anyone wants to change their body they drop their calories as low as possible and up their workouts, this works fantastically for about 2 -3 weeks until they crash and burn. Think of your body as a plate, don’t take everything away straight away, start with a couple of small changes to the way you eat, have a better breakfast, eat more veggies, add more water and try some exercise classes, watch as the weight starts to fall off, then once you have plateau’d take another look at what you could change, remove the biscuits, have one less glass of wine and go for a walk after dinner. Give your body more time to adjust, it’s a journey, not a destination.

9 – There’s no such thing as good or bad food, just the amount. My top tip would be to try and make everything yourself, that way you know what’s in it and my other tip is to experiment, have you tried everything yet?
10 – Remember to stay in love, sometimes the best couples of their wedding day are the ones that remembered why they were doing it, yes you want to look your best but also you want to have the best time, relax, let your hair down and show the world why you’re getting married, you’ll look beautiful no matter what you do.

Thanks so much to Carly for her sound advice. If you’re looking for more fitness tips and inspiration, be sure to check out Carly’s blog and Youtube channel. Next time on From Blogger to Bride, we’re talking about one of the most important vendors you’ll hire for your wedding. If you want a hint, here’s a riddle for you: What type of decor is not seen, but can make or break your wedding’s vibes? Happy wedding planning!  cheap formal dresses australia

4 Ways to Add Personality to Your Engagement Photos

5o years from now, when you’re flipping through your engagement photographs, you’re going to want your photos to bring back memories of you as a couple. That’s why it’s important to ensure your engagement photos are authentic and memorable; filled with personality. We’ve put together 4 simple rules when it comes to planning your engagement photo shoot. Follow these rules, and your photos will always bring you joy!
1. Incorporate Your Hobbies
What better way to show your personalities than doing the things you love doing together in your photos?

Angela Varveri of Rchive Visual Storytellers

2. Be Yourselves
If you and your partner are goofballs, staring intensely into the camera for those “serious” photos may not be the way to go. Don’t be afraid to be yourselves and get goofy in front of the camera.

3. Get Your Pet Involved
Obsessed with your dog, cat…or chicken? Why not let them in on the fun? Just be sure to let your photographer know so they can plan ahead.

4. Choose a Sentimental Location 
Choosing a location that holds a special place in your hearts is so much more meaningful than just taking your photos at the most scenic spot in town. Get inspiration from thinking about the place you met, fell in love, your favorite date spot, or the proposal location.


Nautical Wedding Inspiration

Set your sails for a stylish nautical wedding. Whether it’s an ocean-side affair or a country club venue, incorporating all things reminiscent of the sea is a fun and adorable way to add flair to your wedding. With navy, stripes, monograms, and more, you’re in for a preppy-chic celebration! This nautical wedding inspiration board is sure to inspire your inner sailor!

Nautical navy and crisp white, along with pops of coral, pink, and orange is a beautiful and refreshing color palette we love! For advice on choosing wedding colors, don’t miss these tips from our expert, Flavia Lamoglia! semi formal dresses

Rustic Mountain Wedding Inspiration

We’ve noticed a trend in our real weddings that couples are loving mountain weddings. Our lovely couples and their talented wedding professionals have done a spectacular job providing rustic mountain wedding inspiration for our readers, so here are some tried and true tips for planning your own mountain affair with rustic flair.
Swap out your heels for boots. A mountain wedding requires quite a bit of trekking through the elements, so you’ll want a pair of sturdy shoes that won’t dig into the dirt with every step. Cute boots are both practical and fits the theme of your rustic affair.

Choose a picturesque ceremony location. Mountain regions are known for their brilliant landscape, so set you ceremony in a spot that will make an extraordinary backdrop for your vows and your wedding photos.

Mimic the mountain nature in your decor. The flora and fauna in the surroundings of your venue are the perfect inspiration for your wedding decorations. We love the gold painted animals as a part of the centerpieces, and the leaves pulled from the natural surroundings included in the bridal bouquet.

Contrast the dark earthy tones with a light color palette. Creating a rustic look is all about mixing textures and using contrasting elements, so choose a feminine color palette with soft garden roses or delicate peonies.

Don’t be afraid of adventure. Sometimes getting the perfect shot requires a little bit of courage and a sense of adventure. Climbing, kneeling, and jumping may all be part of the job in order to capture the unforgettable moment you’ll always cherish.


Ask the Expert: Wedding Day Preparation

The day is finally here. You’ve been planning for months (perhaps even years!) and you couldn’t be more excited to walk down the aisle and begin your new life with your partner. In order for you to celebrate with minimal stress, you’ll need to make sure you have the tools you need for success. London based wedding & events planner, Matthew Oliver, is here to give us some helpful tips and advice on wedding day preparation.

Matthew: “All the ups and downs are fast approaching, but there is always a vague mist when it comes to what to pack for the big day. You may not be coming home until after the honeymoon, so you really need to have everything prepared, because, if you’re like me, you’ll get grumpy if you forget to pack your favorite shirt or toothbrush.”

“You want your day to be as smooth as ever with no hitches, especially with all the sweat and blood you put into this magical day, so I’ve listed a few essentials of what you will need to pack, along with some important tips too.”

What to pack for the day of your wedding:
1) Pack 2 separate bags, 1 for the wedding and 1 for the honeymoon, unless you’re not going straight on a honeymoon.
2) Pack all the presents that you’re giving people. Make sure they’re wrapped before, as you seriously won’t have time to wrap presents on the day of your wedding!
3) Of course you can’t forget your attire– dress, accessories, suit etc.! Groom, make sure your shirt and trousers are not creased, so maybe pack an iron too. Lovely bride, if your dress is fairly creased, hang it in the shower room, which should help drop the creases.
4) Pack as if there is nothing at the place where you’re going, just in case! Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, hair dryer, makeup, even toilet paper! You never know.  *great idea if you’re traveling to a new and exotic destination for your honeymoon!
5) Pack all your paperwork – I know that your folder could be the size of the Statue of Liberty, but just in case there are any last minute changes, it’s important to have it with you, unless you have a planner, which I advise of course!
6) If you haven’t got a planner pack all your bits and bobs you’ve collected for decoration etc. Make it easier for yourselves and box them all up for the area you want them, ceremony, table 1, table 2, evening etc.! Also, try and write a list of what is in each box too, seriously this helps people like me massively!
7) Comfort items, if you’re on your own the night before you may want to pack your favorite teddy, film or anything that you love and brings you comfort
8) And, of course, bring your rings!
***We also suggest having a list of your vendors with phone numbers readily available, just in case there are any emergencies.

You want to be sublimely relaxed upon getting ready to walk down the aisle, we suggest doing something relaxing prior to your wedding with your bridesmaids. Perhaps you can all go to the nail salon, get massages, etc.
Last, but not least, enjoy yourself! Delegate any small tasks to others and focus on celebrating your love for one another. formalgownaustralia.com

Naturally Beautiful Wedding Makeup

When deciding on a makeup look for your wedding day, a subdued, neutral color palette celebrates your natural beauty, and not to mention, photographs flawlessly. Whether you’re hiring a makeup artist or doing your own, here are some tips on achieving a barely-there beauty look.
Have a Youthful Glow– A fresh, natural face can be achieved with a dewy, light-weight foundation and a perfectly pink shade of blush.
Keep It Subtle– Steer clear of grays and blacks, and instead choose warm tones of browns, creams, and pinks for eye shadow.

Use Minimal Liner– Instead of bold and dramatic cat-eyes, line the eyes with a thin pencil in a black-brown.

Keep the Lips Pink– Choose a nude or pink lip color for kissable lips. Add a touch of gloss for a little shimmer, or keep it marvelously matte.

With these tips in mind, you’ll certainly be vision of natural beauty on your wedding day.


Southern Weddings V7 Sneak Peek!

Our friends over at Southern Weddings are over the moon for their newest print edition of Southern Weddings. Featuring fresh content, including seventeen brand-new real weddings. as well as tons of gorgeous imagery and planning tips and advice, it’s easy to see why they’re all so excited.
Along with this fun bit of news, we also have a sneak peek from the issue! Prepare your eyes for loveliness!