Giveaway! Luxurious Bedding from Bridal Bar Home!

Now that our birthday month is over, we’re on to all the excitement that the future holds… and if you’re anything like me (obsessed with a comfortable and luxurious bed!) you’ll be very excited about today’s amazing giveaway!
Harmony Walton, founder of The Bridal Bar, the famous wedding planning resource boutiques in LA, San Diego and Atlanta, recently launched a brilliant new part of her businesses called Bridal Bar Home, and her first product already has a cult following. The Bridal Bar Home by Jennifer Adams sheets seen above are so soft you just might not believe your finger tips. Made from eco-friendly microfiber materials these sheets are not only buttery soft but long lasting, wrinkle resistant and excellent for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Today, Harmony is generously giving away one set of her amazing sheet sets to one lucky Junebug reader so you can keep that honeymoon feeling going long after your wedding day. Thanks Harmony!
To enter to win, leave us a comment here letting us know about how you keep your bed and bedroom feeling luxurious to you. Your sheets and bedding? The lighting and decor? No TV? Lots of TV? Let us know! We’ll accept entries all week long and randomly choose our winner next Monday, August 8, 2011.

And, since we spent July looking back at all the fun weddings and wedding ideas we’ve featured on Junebug over the past 5 years, we thought that a great way to welcome in August would be to ask our fellow wedding bloggers what some of their favorite post have been on their own blogs! Wedding blogs hardly existed when we began Junebug back in 2006, but as the blogging community has grown we’ve loved that we’ve found so many true friends in our fellow bloggers, and we’re very proud to have been part of this creative growing industry from the get-go.
All this week we’ll bring you favorite posts from just a few of the talented wedding bloggers out there, and today we begin, of course, with Harmony Walton and her personal favorites from The Bridal Bar Blog…
  • A wedding at The London HotelThis wedding encompasses such fantastic personal style and flair, without the couple feeling the need to recreate every trend they find on a blog. The bride shows off her sophisticated side and sense of fun and whimsy at the same time that paired with exceptional photography and her infectious smile made this wedding a stand out to me.
  • Wedding in New DelhiThis wedding had such vibrant colors, such culture, and such beauty that we gave it a weeks worth of posts. With several days of exotic ceremonies and breathtaking décor, how could we not love it? Here are links to all 12345 posts!
  • The Rescue Train Gift of Love ProgramThis post was announcing a new non-profit program offering couples the ability to register to save animals and give donations in lieu of wedding favors. It reminds me that the blog, these posts, and the wedding industry as a whole is bigger than itself and can be used to create change and impact lives in a positive way. Its also a campaign thats dear to my heart, so its definitely a favorite.
  • Tom Cruise Wedding PostThis post was uploaded in our very first month of blogging back in 2006 and it marked a special milestone in our business so while its not as interesting to the reader, I love that it reflects our history and how our blog, as small and albeit poorly constructed at the time, marked a special moment for us that we can now forever look back on.
  • A Disneyland Engagement SessionWhy is this post a favorite? Well, because anything Disney is a fave of mine! And the couple had fun with their engagement session, didnt take themselves or the wedding process too seriously, and they created photos that while themed, arent too overly styled so they can look back and love them for a lifetime to come (I have a feeling their kids one day will love these too)!

  • Disneyland engagement photos below by Beautiful Day Photography

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    Get Sexy Thighs and Calfs for your Wedding and Honeymoon with Leg Exercises from Sassy Fit!

    We all live such busy lives these days, it can often be a struggle to find the time to take care of ourselves and get that much needed exercise. If you are trying to plan a wedding on top of it all, it can get even crazier, we know! Luckily, the gals from Seattle’s SassyFit are back with another round of fitness tips and tricks, this time focusing on getting our legs and bums into amazing shape for the summer wedding and honeymoon season!
    SassyFit co-owner, Bri Cooper, has created a workout that uses just three simple but powerful leg and glut exercises to tone up your quads, hamstrings, bum, and calf muscles. You use maximal effort for these exercises; thus burning more calories in less time. The exercises combine a variety of movements, so to reduce the risk of injury it’s important to start with light weights and slow, controlled movements. Once you feel comfortable, increase your dumbbell weight and speed. Ready? Let’s give those legs a workout…
    Scissor Lunges: Stand with your feet hip-width apart, hands at your side. Lunge forward with your left foot and lower yourself until your right knee almost touches the floor. Explosively push up and scissor your legs in midair, landing with your right leg forward. When you land, drop down, explode up, and scissor again. That’s one rep.
    Sassy Tip: Land as lightly and quietly as possible and use your arms for momentum.

    Squat Jump: Set your feet in a squatting base, with your hands behind your head, at your hips, or at your sides. Squat so your thighs are parallel to the ground and then drive up and jump as high as possible, making sure to consciously push as hard as you can through your ankles, knees, and hips. Upon landing, attempt to absorb the load of the jump by landing on the front half of your feet and then sinking back onto your heels as the hips descend into the next squat.
    Sassy Tip: Keep shoulders back and down from your ears, and keep your spine straight.

    Side Lunge with Bicep Curl: Stand tall and straight, with your arms in a curled position, dumbbells gripped in both hands. Lunge laterally to the left side with your left foot, so that your left thigh is parallel to the ground, your left knee directly over your left ankle. Once in a lunge position, lower you arms from the bicep curl. Press into your left foot and explode back to standing while performing the bicep curl again, but instead of standing on two legs, try balancing on one.
    Sassy Tip: look straight ahead, keep shoulders back and down, and dont bend over as you lunge to the side.
    Thanks so much for the exercises ladies, these moves are sure to get us feeling fit and healthy in no time! Look out bikinis, here we come!


    Wedding Planning 101 – Creating Wedding Reception Lounge Areas

    Wedding reception lounge areas are a trend that have taken the wedding world by storm, and now they are a key component on many couple’s minds as they plan their wedding. Providing a little seclusion from the main party, lounge areas allow your guests to mix and mingle in a more relaxed atmosphere than the traditional reception seating arrangements. We’ve put together some top tips on how to create a reception lounge area that is as inviting as it is functional. Read on!
    1. Mood Lighting
    One of the most important elements to consider when designing your reception lounge space is the lighting. The most effective, not to mention the most budget friendly way to achieve lighting that feels warm and inviting is with candlelight. In the photo above, wedding consultant Mindy Weiss took full advantage of the fireplace at the Pelican Hill Resort and filled the lounge area with flickering firelight.
    2. Getting Cozy
    Create a feeling of privacy with sweeping fabric draped over the lounge area or enclosed in a luscious tent. Add a fun chandelier and you’ve got all the ambiance you’ll need.
    3. Dividing Spaces
    If your wedding reception is taking place in an open space, like the field pictured above or a large ballroom, structure the decor in a way that divides the massive singular space into smaller areas where guests can socialize. The lanterns hanging from the trees allow for the lounge area to be defined, but still open to the golden landscape beyond the celebration.
    4. A Pop of Color 
    Your reception lounge area is a wonderful opportunity to add a splash of color with some luxurious and lavish decor. If you’re having trouble getting your hands on colorful furniture, toss some vibrant throw pillows on a more neutral alternative. Adding an area rug is another great way to introduce color to your reception lounge area, as well as continuing to define the space.

    5. Building Character
    As you incorporate your overall wedding design concept into every facet of your wedding reception, your lounge area should be no different. Get creative! The wedding shown above used wine barrels as tables for a vineyard wedding. Keep in mind that while you should be clearly defining the space, you still want your lounge areas to fit into your cohesive plan for the entire wedding day.


    Four New Wedding Planning Books We Love

    Its summer, the perfect time to put your feet up a read a good book! Thank goodness there is plenty of new reading material out there on our very favorite topic, wedding planning. Here are four of the latest and greatest editions to inspire you and help you plan the wedding youre dreaming of.

    Legendary wedding planner Mindy Weiss shares her latest labor of love, The Wedding Book- The Big Book for your Big Day. This must read, stylish, comprehensive tome is chocked full of great advice and common sense tips to take the stress out of wedding planning. Mindys devotion to helping brides just leaps off the pages, and even though she is a sought after celebrity wedding planner, her guidance is given with every bride in mind. Learn how to get organized, stay on budget, and wow your guests from the get-go, from a pro that knows.

    Anne Chertoff, author of the popular blog From I Will to I Do, has partnered with Russell and Hazel to create a super cute and ultra useful workbook, The Wedding Organizer. Choose your exterior design from their fantastic options and then print out over 30 different wedding planning worksheets (for free, and as many times as you need) to add to their basic system and totally customize your wedding planning process. 

    Style expert Susie Coelho has written Style Your Dream Wedding, a book absolutely packed full of incredible images, including many by our Junebug member photographers and dear friends John and Joey Hong of John and Joseph Photography. (Including the lovely one on the stairs above from Junebug’s Luly Yang at the Seattle Art Museum Fashion Report! Fun!) Susie breaks wedding planning down according to 8 different styles and provides advice and ideas for creating a perfectly personal and stylish event.

    iDo: Planning Your Wedding with Nothing But ‘Net comes to us from fellow blogger, Christa Terry at Manolo for the Brides. Christa knows that most brides would just as soon turn to the net when it comes to planning their weddings, but with a million wedding websites they often dont know where to turn or who to trust. Check out this handy guide and get on track planning your wedding in no time flat (and check out our mention on page 24! Thanks Christa!)