Personalized Thank You Notes from Silhouette Blue

To celebrate your wedding, your friends and family will shower you with their good intentions. Theyll give you presents, throw parties in your honor, and share their time and talents with you. Be sure that youre doing your part in return by sending thoughtful thank you notes that come from the heart! Thank you notes are the last impression that guests will have of your wedding, so their importance cannot be overemphasized. To really give them a personal touch consider having custom cards printed with your new married name, your monogram, or your two first names together. I love these personalized note cards from Silhouette Blue on Etsy.com. I ordered some for my Mom and Nana as Christmas gifts, and the products, as well as the customer service, were outstanding. The cards are small, glossy and delicately designed, the perfect personal statement for a simple and meaningful thank you!

Here are a few handy tips to keep in mind as you start receiving all those fabulous gifts!
  • Send a handwritten thank-you note to each and every person who gives you something of value and be sure to mention the specific gift or contribution and why you appreciate it.
  • Dont worry if your handwriting is less than perfect. As long as its legible, its the effort that counts.
  • Try to send thank you notes out within 3 weeks of receiving your gift, and dont listen to people who say you have up to a year to reply. Three months should really be the maximum time allowed.
  • Keep an on-going gratitude list with your fiance and schedule time every couple of weeks to write and send out your thank you notes together. Make it a fun date night and set up special drinks, snacks, or favorite music to enjoy while you write.
  • For people who go the extra mile to show their support, look for thoughtful gifts and creative ways to say thanks. Bake some cookies or make dinner for a person who gave you nice things for your kitchen. Give a spa gift certificate to someone who did ton of set up or clean up during your event.

  • Resist the temptation to take your thank-you notes with you on your honeymoon. There will be time to send them when you get back!
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Easy Things You Can Do To Help Ease Your Wedding Event Preparing

Marriage ceremonies are supposed to be about the couple's enjoy, not just how much you may spend on absurd details. Any time you have the emphasis skewing off to one area, take it straight back to the delighted husband and wife. The subsequent post provides you with some great advice about preparing your very own . wedding party.

Established a date outside of the wedding period. Most wedding ceremonies happen between May and September. You are likely to pay out far more if you timetable your wedding event during this period. If you really want your wedding in this year, publication as much upfront as you can for a whole lot.

You will have to make a decision about how exactly very much alcoholic drinks you need to pay for, and which kind of providing will likely be most cost efficient. An open club is incredibly expensive and can become very pricey if available for very long periods of time. The folks jogging your place may have inexpensive pub solutions, so be certain and inquire them about this.

Guarantee that your selection to the party has enough dance space. It can be a horrible encounter to really  feel crammed although everyone around you is attempting to dancing shift recliners and tables taken care of to present everybody some extra breathing area.

Have your wedding event about the residence of a member of family or good friend. Rather than arranging a ballroom, try keeping your wedding day within a back garden or discipline as an alternative. Offer to pay for someone to do the thoroughly clean-up pre and post the wedding, which is the only expense for you.

The wedding images are of your maximum significant, as you will look at them for a long time. It would be a good idea to invest more $ $ $ $ and use a specialist photographer to flawlessly catch these once-in-a-life-time photos.

Brides to be who really like fashion will probably desire to put in a dash of sparkle for their bouquet feel rhinestones, Swarovski crystals and even some gemstones. This could be achieved through heat-repaired crystals, introducing a little piece of jewellery or even using an heirloom item. To make sure it coordinates with everything else you happen to be wearing, remain consistent with all the colours, size and reduce from the stones.   chinese traditional dress

Regardless of scale of you wedding, you want it to be excellent. The fact is, nonetheless, which it doesn't subject if this sounds like the initial relationship or secondly, the process is time-consuming and requires your full attention. It can save you a lot time and cash using the suggestions placed prior to on this page.


Facts You Have to Take into account Just Before Getting Married

Wedding ceremonies need to celebrate the passion for 2 people, not the quantity of items that is displayed. The main thing regarding the wedding ceremony is the few along with the people they love. This short article might help you concentrate on the most crucial areas of your wedding.

Marriages among folks of different faiths are normal nowadays, nevertheless it enables you to discuss how this will likely have an impact on your matrimony, in-laws and children, prior to deciding to marry. Make time to speak with your fiance as well as their loved ones about their religion.

You have got to make a decision about how exactly significantly alcoholic drinks you would like to buy, and which type of serving is going to be most cost effective. An open bar is extremely pricey and will turn out to be really expensive if open for too long amounts of time. The folks jogging your location might have cost-effective pub solutions, so make sure and get them about it.

To save cash, choose a day that is certainly not when many people generally get married. Traditional wedding ceremony season is from May possibly to September. Through the wedding ceremony time of year, venues are usually higher priced. If you're establish on arranging throughout this season, book as far ahead of time as you possibly can.

After you have decided upon who is to make the speeches on the special day, strategy to experience a conversation rehearsal. By doing this, you understand what your preferred audio speakers want to say as well as sure any remarks stay appropriate for the event. As an example, you would like to get rid of any cracks that affect an extremely particular class inside your guests to avoid anyone experiencing excluded and to be certain the speech is properly-acquired by all who attend your wedding event.

The previous you purchase issues to your wedding party and strategy points the cheaper they ought to be. You can even find great deals on the web so be sure  to check around. Additionally it is essential to know that modifications may cost a substantial amount of dollars. Make sure you add any additional cost of changes with your budget.

Wedding brides who really like fashion will possibly would like to add a dash of shimmer with their bouquet consider rhine. stones, Swarovski crystals as well as some diamonds. This may be achieved via heating-fixed crystals, introducing a bit part of jewelry or perhaps having an heirloom bit. To make sure it coordinates with everything else else you will be wearing, be consistent with the colours, dimensions and lower of the stones.
cheap wedding dresses uk under £100
As mentioned previously inside the item, marrying each other is among the highlights in your life. Arranging a wedding event is without a doubt nerve-racking, although it really should not be. Using the recommendations using this post provides a sensible way to ensure that you are going to have your perfect wedding.


Congratulations to the Winner of the First Dance iPod Nano Give Away!!!

After over 200 comments and nearly 300 first dance songs suggested, we’ve tallied the results and randomly chosen a lucky winner! Big congratulations to Bernadette who has won the iPod Nano, and who’s first dance song will be “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” by the king himself, Elvis Presley. Thanks to everyone who commented and contributed their fantastic ideas!
It was amazing to read about all the meaningful, romantic, creative and quirky first dance songs being chosen. I wish I could witness them all! It just goes to show that every couple is unique, and no matter what, their wedding is a reflection of their very own personal style. Love it!
We’re working on compiling the list of songs into a useful and interactive format, but until then here are the fascinating top 5 results…
1. “Everything” by Michael Buble (with 9 comments)(YouTube)
2. “Better Together” by Jack Johnson (with 6 comments)(YouTube)
3. “You are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne (with 6 comments)(YouTube)
4. “At Last” by Etta James (with 6 comments)(YouTube)
5. “Grow Old with You” by Adam Sandler (with 5 comments)(YouTube)
And since we’re doing top 5 lists, here our our top 5 tips for a successful first dance!
1. If you feel like you have two left feet, grab your sweetie and take a few dance lessons! They’re a great date night activity leading up to the wedding and they’ll make you feel far more confident when the big moment arrives.
2. If photos of your first dance are important to you, be sure your dance floor is nicely lit, and that you dance together through the entire song (no cutting in by parents or wedding party) so you really have time to enjoy the experience and your photographer has ample opportunity to capture this emotional moment.
3. If you’re having a live band at your reception, be sure you’ve given them a recorded example of your first dance song. There are many versions of songs out there and they’ll want to know which one you have in mind. If you plan to play a recorded version, be sure your band or venue has the correct equipment available and set up ahead of time so there’s no last minute scrambling!
4. Be very careful if you are organizing the music yourself. Though we adore iPods, we’ve repeatedly seen difficult situations and heard disappointing stories from couples about using them at weddings as a substitution for a DJ or band. No one wants that! The most common culprits? Equipment that unexpectedly breaks, sound systems that aren’t loud enough for large event spaces, not being able to easily match the music to the flow of the event, and all the time it takes for the bride and groom to continually manage the music instead of enjoying themselves at their reception.

5. Have fun! Relax and enjoy this once in a lifetime moment. Everyone at your wedding loves you, so you’ll never have a more supportive audience while you’re in the spotlight.


Stuff You Have to Look at Just Before Hitched

Wedding and reception planning is surely an massive project to take on. From choosing wedding invitations to locating the ideal dress, this key lifestyle celebration arrives only once in the life for lots of people. The details right here will assist you when taking care of a wedding's specifics so that you're capable of making sure points go well for yourself no matter how lots of people appear.

Something to remember to think about to get a wedding ceremony is transport. Limos should be scheduled properly before hand. This is also useful for everyone who has experienced liquor at the wedding event.

You conserve huge amounts of money by buying your wedding day attire on the internet. Even so, it is essential that you need to do it far in advance, ought to it need to have any changes. You may only spend $100 on the gown when choosing it on the internet, but it may cost one more $200 for the alterations. Body within this further expense although producing your financial budget.

Should you be assigning any invitee to provide a dialog at the wedding ceremony, have him rehearse the presentation along upfront to make sure that it really is suitable. Otherwise, there could be a joke shared with that may be unacceptable to the teenagers or elderly within the group.

When organising a wedding event, liquor needs to be a consideration in regards to what sort you need to serve, and also exactly what the charges will be. The open up pub solution is considered the most expensive of options as well as the cost could be prohibitive for many lovers but do not truly feel bad if you fail to afford it. If keeping the wedding ceremony at an exterior venue, they can have alcoholic beverages helping options available that  may manage costs.

Incorporate tiny ornamental goods all through your entire furnishings. When you have a ribbon on the bouquet, use it for other activities much like your gown, centerpieces or on recliners. When you show small information, it enables other people know you may have put in lots of . energy.

Brides who enjoy design will probably wish to give a dash of shimmer to their bouquet believe rhinestones, Swarovski crystals or perhaps some diamonds. This can be obtained by way of heating-fixed crystals, incorporating a little bit piece of precious jewelry and even having an heirloom piece. To be certain it coordinates with everything else in addition you might be sporting, stay consistent using the colors, sizing and cut of the gemstones.  bridesmaid dresses under 100

Now that you have read all of our assistance with wedding ceremonies, you will end up very much more successful in preparing your own personal. Use every one of the ideas in the following paragraphs to ensure that the wedding moves easy and successfully.

Maui, Hawaii Honeymoon

Make the Most of your Maui Honeymoon!

Kelly and Shane of Edmonds, Washington are the grand-prize winners in our Who Do You Love contest! The lucky couple will soon be flying non-stop to Maui, Hawaii, undisputedly one of most luscious and lovely places on earth. We want their vacation, and yours, to be everything paradise is supposed to be, so were giving you the lowdown on the best that Maui has to offer. Follow these tips, and youll have a Maui honeymoon thats hot in every way.
Settle down on the Wailea Coast: Every inch of Maui is gorgeous, but in our opinion, theres no place more inviting than the coast of Wailea. Heres where youll find the poshest hotels and spas, the coziest condominiums, and the sexiest places to eat, drink, and show off your tan. Make yourself at home at one of the world-class properties situated along the Wailea Beach walkway, and youll want for nothing. Here are our favorite ultra-romantic places to call home.
The Condos on Elua Beach  Private and perfect beachfront getaways on the northern end of Wailea. Choose from a wide array of condos and book your favorite one directly with the owner.
The Four Seasons Resort  This world-class property is glamourous and refined, conjuring up visions of Hollywood in the forties.
The Grand Wailea Resort and Spa  Truly one of the most gorgeous hotels in the world, full of stunning Hawaiian art and dramatic water features. The Grand Wailea offers the ultimate spa experience and six to die for restaurantsNote: Even if you dont stay here, you simply must see this hotel!
Soak Up the Sun: Well of course you will! The island of Maui has about a zillion gorgeous beaches to relax on, but alas, you may have a chance to visit only a few. Here are the ones we suggest you dont miss.
Wailea / Ulua  Lucky you! If youre staying at any of the properties along the Wailea beach walkway, these two gorgeous beaches will be right outside your door. Swim, kiss, and rub coconut-scented sunscreen on each other backs while the sun beats down upon you. Then, when night falls, stroll hand in hand along the tiki torch lit promenade and watch the lighted waves wash up on the shore.
Little Beach – Just a short hike up over the hill from ever-popular Makena Beach, lies Little Beach, a haven of natural beauty for the uninhibited. Clothing here is optional, but we think theres nothing more delicious then splashing in the waves au naturel. Remember boys, keep your eyes on your prize.
Hookipa Beach This wildly beautiful beach located on the northern most end of the Hana Highway is without a doubt one of the foremost windsurfing beaches in the world. During the winter, swells can rise up to a spectacular 40 feet! If you are an expert windsurfer youll definitely want to take this ride, but if not, grab a picnic in nearby fun and artsy Paia, then kick back to watch this awesome spectacle from the beach.
Watch the world go by: No matter what time of year you visit Maui, chances are the weather will be perfect and there will be a ton of things you’ll want to do and see. We know youll want to check out the following fun activities:
Snorkeling – Rent equipment from a local shop or bring some with you, then dive right in to your own jumbo size aquarium. Buy some fish food and let yourself be surrounded by tropical fish in a rainbow of colors. When snorkeling in the Wailea area, check out Polo Beach, and 
Ulua/Mokapu. When youre south of Wailea try Ahihi Keanue Reserve, and when up youre up north, visit Honolua Bay or the stunningly gorgeous beach at Kapalua.
Helicopter Tours to Hana and Haleakala Crater – Many visitors to Maui make the somewhat infamous trip down the highway to Hana in hopes of seeing the Seven Sacred Pools at Oheo Gulch, and the many beautiful waterfalls along the way. The highway is only 50 or so miles long, but its dangerous and slow going, and by the time you arrive you feel like youve been traveling for days. We suggest you hop on board a helicopter to see the sites of Hana, and the many other spectacular features of Maui in style. Youll get a birds eye view of Haleakala Crater on your way and youll see dozens of otherwise inaccessible waterfalls without breaking a sweat.
Whale watching – From December to the middle of April you can watch humpback whales migrating right off the beach anywhere on the Wailea Coast. Its a thrill, and with binoculars you can get an amazing view of their journey. Even so, we suggest you book a ride on a charter boat and get up close to these awesome animals for an experience youll never forget.
Watch the Sun Go Down: Nightfall means delicious food, yummy tropical cocktails, and unobstructed views of the sunset from dozens of Mauis restaurants and bars. The most memorable are:

Spago at the Four Seasons
 – Wolfgang Pucks creative infusion of Hawaiian and Asian flavors. This super chic restaurant serves up panoramic sunset views on a five-star platter.
Nicks Fishmarket at the Fairmont – Dine outdoors under a canopy of sparkling lights and fragrant stephanotis. Nicks serves some of Mauis most delicious food and the service here is impeccable.
Humuhumunukunukuapua’a  We might not know how to say it, but we do know that we love it, and so will you. This elegant and exotic restaurant sits in the center of a blue lagoon teeming with tropical fish. Choose your own lobster or try the macadamia nut encrusted Mahi Mahi, but be forewarned; if you do, youll be spoiled for mainland fish.
Mamas Fish House  This perfect example of Hawaiian cuisine and hospitality has been a Maui romantic institution since the 1950s. Call for reservations several days in advance of your trip to Hookipa Beach, then settle in for a Mai Tai or three at this divinely located hot-spot and watch the sun slowly melt into the horizon.

And celebrate being in love!  No matter how adventurous or athletic you are, dont book up all your time. Maui is a place to be savored right where you are. If all the two of you end up doing on your honeymoon is reveling in each other, were positive you wont be disappointed!


The Advantage Of Having The Perfect Wedding party

Wedding ceremonies are meant to talk about the  couple's love, not just how much spent on silly particulars. Any time you feel the concentrate skewing off and away to one area, bring it straight back to the delighted few. The next article gives you some terrific advice about organizing your own wedding event.

The most significant mistakes individuals make is not really rehearsing the important stroll enough. It will require over two operate throughs on rehearsal nighttime to conquer the fact that goods might be in the manner. Ensure it is 2nd mother nature by doing a number of exercise hikes along the aisle. This must be carried out in which the wedding ceremony will be presented to ensure that you're informed about the actual location and floors along with the way your footwear behave. This gives you a lot more self-confidence on the big day.

You may be able to save on the wedding by organizing it throughout an "off of period". Wedding ceremony period operates from Might right up until Sept. Throughout these weeks, locations become a little more pricey. Guide in advance in the event you have to . schedule the wedding during this period.

Your wedding day pictures are from the maximum essential, given that you will perspective them for a long time. Pick a specialist to adopt your photos, and never forget to visit previously mentioned your budget if you have the funds to actually get the best photos possible.

What is important when it comes to marital life may be the person you will certainly be marrying. Don't be in a rush to obtain hitched. Relationship modifications your life permanently, and when you undoubtedly want your relationship to serve you for a life time you have to shift little by little in the direction of this method. Give this person's behavior and peccadilloes significant amounts of concern.

The wedding photos are of your maximum essential, given that you will view them eternally. It might be wise to devote a few more money and employ an expert wedding photographer to properly capture these when-in-a-life time photos.

Brides to be who really like design will maybe wish to add a dash of sparkle with their bouquet consider rhinestones, Swarovski crystals or even some gemstones. This can be attained through warmth-set crystals, including a bit bit of jewellery or perhaps using an heirloom part. To be certain it coordinates with everything in addition you are using, stay consistent together with the hues, size and minimize from the gemstones.  smwr.co.nz

As said before from the part, getting married is among the shows of your life. Arranging a wedding event is certainly stressful, although it ought not to be. Using the recommendations using this report offers a sensible way to make sure that you might have your dream wedding event.

Junebug Book Preview- Your Wedding, Your Way

It seems like a lifetime ago when Blair, Kim and I got a call from the Globe Pequot Press, asking us to write a wedding planning book for their new how-to series called the Knack. JunebugWeddings.com had just launched, we were busy photographing weddings and fashion, and it would have been ridiculous to try to fit another project onto our plates. Naturally we said no (or so we thought). But it turns out that if you say no to a book deal, everyone you’ve ever met will tell you that you’re crazy. Apparently you just don’t do such a thing. (Who knew?) So eventually we said yes, and spent the next nine months of our evenings and weekends turning our wedding planning philosophy into an easy to use how-to book that we hope youre going to love!
The book, Planning Your Wedding: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Perfect Day, is scheduled to come out on December 8th and be distributed throughout the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Were thrilled to have an opportunity to reach a wide audience of couples and to share what we know about turning wedding inspiration into reality. It’s a thorough, encouraging and easy to use visual guide to planning a stress-free wedding, and it has a great big focus (of course) on finding your personal style.
All this week well be bringing you excerpts from the book, beginning with todays post from Chapter 1 that shares our philosophy about how to get started planning a wedding thats totally you. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Wedding Style- Your Wedding, Your Way
Stress-free wedding planning tips to help you have your cake and eat it, too!
There are millions of ways to creatively express your love and celebrate your marriage. Finding your own way can be one of the most rewarding things about wedding planning and one of the most challenging. You want to hang on to the euphoria you felt when you first got engaged without having it turn into worries about planning your wedding. So before you begin to make the many choices that will make your big day unique, stop and spend some special time with your partner, focusing on these simple steps to stress-free wedding planning.
Step one: Share your dreams and expectations of what it means to have a wedding. Talk about the people and traditions you want to honor and the things youre looking forward to.
Step two: Make a top-ten list that emphasizes what each of you considers most important about your wedding day. Then share your lists with each other. Understanding each others dreams will help you make decisions youll feel good about when you get married and throughout your years together.  
Step three: Once you have your priorities set, decide on a wedding date and whom you want to tell about your engagement and when to tell them. Consider making your announcement special by hosting an engagement party, sharing it at a family event, or putting it in the paper or on a Web site. 
Step four: Last but not least, have fun finding ways to celebrate your preferences, your backgrounds, and your differences. Use your love and imagination to find new ways to work together. Remember: The partnering skills youll learn while planning your wedding will be a gift youll both be grateful for as you share your lives together.

Congratulations, You’re Engaged!
  • You said Yes! Youve made a commitment to spend the rest of your lives together. Revel in the reality of how lucky you are before you begin making plans.
  • Say I love you and count the ways. Let your partner know that youre thrilled to be getting married and share all the reasons you think this is the best decision for your life. It will do you both good to hear it.

Share Your Dreams
  • Really listen and share to find out whats important to you and the one you love. 
  • Chances are youll be delighted, surprised, and occasionally challenged by what you find out, so stay curious and open-minded.
  • Share some stories about weddings youve attended. Focus on the elements that made each of them unique. What parts did you appreciate and find really special, and what parts didnt you personally connect with?

Share Your Good News
  • The hustle and bustle of wedding planning is on its way, so be sure to savor the romance of the moment and celebrate this big step together.
  • Agree on a plan for sharing your news before you start.
  • Tell both sets of parents at the same time and before anyone else. Hearing the big news directly from you will be important to them. Share your news with family, close friends, and acquaintancesin that order.

Celebrate for Years to Come 
  • Start living your vows now. Take advantage of opportunities to demonstrate the commitment for better or worse, for richer or poorer as you plan your wedding.
  • Make keeping perspective a family tradition. Give your wedding the weight it deserves without getting weighed down by it.
  • Make a pact to keep your romance alive now and forever, no matter how busy you get. Designate at least one night a week as date night and give your partner your undivided attention.


How To Go About Preparation The Wedding

Weddings can be stressful and sensitive to handle,  but you must be sure that you're optimistic about issues therefore they figure out for you. By educating yourself on the approach and staying centered, it is possible to manipulate any condition which may develop. The following tips may help which happen.

One thing to consider to take into account for a . wedding event is travelling. Limos must be arranged properly in advance. This is useful for anybody who has experienced alcohol in the wedding party.

If you are planning to provide your very own foods at the wedding event, try store shopping general at places like Costco. When shopping general, you can get a lot of food items for less expensive than you can when you failed to general retail outlet. Ask friends to help on foods, way too.

Make certain that your selection for your party has sufficient belly dancing space. It may be a awful encounter to really feel crammed when everybody surrounding you is wanting to party shift seating and furniture out of the way to offer anyone some additional respiration space.

When organising a wedding ceremony, alcoholic beverages needs to be a consideration about what type you would like to assist, as well as what the fees will probably be. The open nightclub solution is the most high priced of choices along with the charge could be prohibitive for many couples but do not really feel terrible if you fail to afford it. If retaining wedding ceremony with an outside the house venue, they might have alcoholic drinks servicing available choices that can control charges.

The previous you get stuff for the wedding ceremony and prepare things the more affordable they should be. There are also cheap deals on the web so be sure to check around. Also, it is vital that you realize that adjustments can cost a considerable amount of money. Be sure to add the extra expense of changes in your budget.

Women who love fashion will probably would like to put in a dash of glow to their bouquet believe rhinestones, Swarovski crystals or perhaps some diamonds. This is often achieved by means of heating-fixed crystals, introducing a little bit part of jewelry or even utilizing an heirloom piece. To ensure it coordinates with everything different you happen to be sporting, remain consistent using the colours, dimensions and cut in the stones. smwr.co.nz

Regardless of the size of you wedding ceremony, you would like it to be excellent. The simple truth is, however, that it doesn't matter if this is your first matrimony or secondly, the procedure is time intensive and requires your whole attention. You can save much time and money using the tips set before you decide to in this post.

Martha, Etsy and Facebook, so much fun, so little time!

There are so many fun things going on this week I don’t even know where to begin! When I’m not working (or drooling, yet again, over our stunning new Fashion Report photos) I will be doing the following… You should too!
On Thursday I’ll be watching Cupcake Week on the Martha Stewart Show, where Jennifer Shea from Junebug member and local fave Trophy Cupcakes will be a special guest, showing Martha how to bake Chocolate Graham Cupcakes with Toasted Marshmallow Meringue. Yum! If you’re lucky enough to be in the Seattle area, head down to their adorable Wallingford bakery and vintage party supply store for a taste of the new flavor. See you there!

When I get the on-line shopping urge I’ll be all over Etsy.com’s new Handmade Wedding Series. They are featuring great articles in their Storque section about wedding planning ideas with a crafty Etsy-style edge to them, written by wedding experts, artists and bloggers like Abby from Style Me Pretty,  Emily from Eco-Chic WeddingsMeghan from Portovert, and me! I got to write a fun article on bridal shoes and handbags (one of my very favorite subjects.) Thanks for including us Etsy!

And every few minutes I’ll be checking our brand new Junebug Weddings Facebook page, because, well, that’s what happens when Facebook fever gets you! If you’re on Facebook too, come join us! We would love it if you would check us out, say hello, become a fan and share it with your friends. You can read a mini-feed from this blog, see lovely Real Wedding photos, start wedding planning discussions and make friends with other Junebug buddies and brides-to-be. We can’t wait to meet you! What a fun week!